Jabari Craig Does Not Qualify

USC basketball recruit Jabari Craig has failed to academically qualify and is expected to attend a junior college. Craig,Ā a 6-foot-10 center from Fishburne Military Academy (Va.), could theoretically return to USC in two years if he wants to. And if USC wants him.

31 thoughts on “Jabari Craig Does Not Qualify

  1. Andy Enfield loses another SUCC Basketball nugget. Does SUCC have enough players signed for 2014 to field a last place Pac-12 BB team? Man, what an ugly team. Maybe Haden should consider dropping to Div III BB status?

    • Why am I not surprised that you are the first troll comment on this? You’re taking hating to a whole new level. … but we’ll forgive you anyway. … .

    • Mountain West or perhaps the Big West appear to be good choices…then perhaps you can start throwing those two finger salutes in the air again with pride while competing against the feared Cal State Northridge Matadores and the dreaded Cal State L.A. whatchamakolits.
      Now that’s some tradition!
      Fit Un knuckleheads!

      • Yup…you got us there….How in the world are we ever gonna “trump” the Kids Choice Awards, that statue of McVay sportin’ NIKE’s, The Disneyland Lamp posts and Clocks, and best of all…the FLAMING gay Bronze Horsey. BTW…the oversized jersey hanging in the Mausoleum “honoring” that MURDERING SCUM, O.J., is a classy touch consistent with everything Fig Tech stands for.
        fit Un knuckleheads!

      • Actally 10…UCLA is going to play at the Galen Center. First, the Bruins have a great record at the facility. And second, Max Nikias promised incoming SC students that they would get to watch a Division 1 basketball team on campus.

          • We are talking basketball Bleauz! It’s a topic most Trojans avoid like the plague. Only a few brave souls dscuss SC basketball…and yes…that would be SC Women’s basketball. šŸ™‚ The Bruin women were not too good this past year.

          • I’m not afraid to talk USC basketball, although I know just enough about it to be dangerous…I remember the Clayton Olivier and Wayne Carlander years….And the Bo Kimble Hank Gathers (RIP) years before they both transferred to Loyola Marymount and had that magical run in the NCAA tournament to the Elite Eight…USC will be improved next season, as they certainly couldn’t be any worse…

          • You are one of the few. SC is so football-centric. It will take a special coach to turn it around and give Trojans something additional to get excited about.

          • I haven’t given up on Enfield yet….however, this is a whole different era in college basketball…it’s difficult for teams to develop any chemistry as most of the elite players are one and done to the NBA, with Kentucky being the obvious exception….but even then, UCONN showed what an experienced team with a senior point guard can do in the NCAA tournament….

          • SC is not going to get many one and dones. When you got one , he got the program in trouble. Enfield will need to find some athletes to fit his system. There are plenty of undiscovered gems in basketball. Get them to play D and run. Easier to get kids that aren’t the cream to play as a team. Play an exciting brand and get some a$$es in the seats.

        • Fact is, UCLA basketball today is like USC football in the 90’s. All glory, no results. Its still a sewer pit at this point. Question is, what smells worse? Your team or Pauley Pavillion. as they say in Top Gun… “Slider, you stink”

          • 3 Final 4’s. A few PAC 12 Titles. In a mediocre year a Sweet 16. Let me know when SC gets out of the cellar. For you to comment on UCLA basketball is quite funny. My advice …remain silent at least until you get an invite to the dance.

      • haha, I wouldn’t know. I was accepted in November the year I applied. Literally took 2 weeks from submission to acceptance. Then, I finished my UCLA app and waited to see if I’d have to take my fallback (SC) or not.

        • Lame…….Have fun paying off your student loans….although you will probably attempt to take advantage of the pending student loan forgiveness program, through Obama’s executive power (the infamous pen)……

          • What was I thinking?… you’re 100% right…a Bruin would NEVER qualify for a student loan!…. Thanks for the catch!

          • How would you know bleauz, You attended SUCC on the Mom & Pop plan. Now here you are making a fool of yourself on Scott Wolf Blog. Your parents must be proud.

  2. Wolfstonian is brilliant. 70% of content is archived turn back the clock richness. A subtle message to all Trojans that your program has become a thing of the past.

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