Marv Goux’s Big Stop On Alan Ameche

GOUX.PLAYVirtually every story I’ve ever heard about Marv Goux involved his time as a USC assistant coach or conversations he had with me about being a Trojan or when he inspired Pete Carroll. I rarely heard about him as a player. But viewing this film of the 1953 Rose Bowl courtesy of the Pac-12 Network showed me another side.

In the above photo, Wisconsin has the ball inside the 15-yard line on fourth-and-2 in the first quarter.Badgers tailback Alan Ameche takes the pitch and is stopped by Goux short of the first down. USC goes on to win, 7-0.

Ameche gained 128 yards in the game, won the Heisman Trophy in 1954 and scored the winning TD for the Baltimore Colts in the 1958 NFL title game, which is known as “The Greatest Game Ever Played.”

The Pac-12 Network will show this footage on its Varsity Days show Monday night at 9 p.m. And if you are like me, you do not get the network. Which is why I am highlighting this story because many of us would not see these archival films.


3 thoughts on “Marv Goux’s Big Stop On Alan Ameche

  1. ALAN ‘the horse’ AMECHE,had a good game,just not a great game;this was my brother and my first Rose Bowl…sure would like to see that Pac 12 exclusive;we don’t get it on comcast here,we get big 10…acc…sec…I would even pay extra…I still have the program from that game…never forget it…Marv Goux was a ‘monster’ of a small center on offense and linebacker on defense;it is the size of the fight inside that matters most…sometimes;
    Ameche was probably a couple-three inches taller and had 30+ lbs on Marv Goux,no matter,he brought him down on 4th down.

  2. Wasn’t there, didn’t see it. But thanks Scot, Yale and marvgoux1 for replaying that moment for me. I now feel as if I were there at that moment

    The power of the word

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