Sarkisian: No Probation Excuses

0312_SPO_LDN-L-USC-PRACTICE-MBWith its first practice tonight, USC coach Steve Sarkisian said he will not ignore the effect of NCAA sanctions but won’t use it as an excuse.

“I would be remiss not to acknowledge it,” Sarkisian said. “But I will not use it as a crutch.”

11 thoughts on “Sarkisian: No Probation Excuses

  1. Gotroy22 has been quiet as well.

    Maybe the moderators finally got smart and banned commentors based on IP address rather than log in name.

        • Haha, going back to the glory days again, hey BM? I guess if you don’t like today, just look in the rear view mirror. Remember on!

          • Underachievers since 1954 – your baby blue little gutties. Let’s give their Troll followers a hand! It’s hard to be that unsuccessful for so long and the Trolls wouldn’t have it any other way!

          • Thank you. I’m a middle-aged guy and my parents were kids when that loss happened. You had to reach back an awful long way to find that on. Fight on.

          • Just like a F UCLA LAME to claim someone else’s victory.. Since UCLA Football didnt start until 2012
            3 wins in 15 years.. When was the last time UCLA was in the Rose Bowl in Jan?

            We’ll wait………..

  2. The guy in the yellow shirt next to #4 looks like he wants to give Sark a hickey.

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