Stanford Tickets Reminder

USC-Stanford game tickets on Sept. 6 were supposed to drop to market prices (whatever that means) today. The tickets were originally between $145-$160 but have dropped steadily since July 22. Over the weekend, Stanford charged $100-$115 per ticket.

UPDATED: A reader reports that he just called Stanford and tickets remain $100-$115 because StubHub is selling tickets for even more. Now we know what “market prices” are.

  • TrojanFan3.0

    …..and your point is?

  • B.Miller

    I gained nothing by this post..

  • TrojanLights

    They may stay at $100. for a while. I dont think they will drop too much lower than that. Stubhub has that same ticket at apprx $140. today. So $140. is the Secondary Market price.

    I expect heavy demand still from USC fans who are waiting to see if they drop lower. I would guess that they will not go any lower than $75. miniumum market price. Its a small stadium only seating 50K.

  • TrojanLights

    I just called the Stanford Ticket Office and they are saying the price will adjust tomorrow and not today. However they cant tell me what the prices will be.

    I notice their Dynamic Pricing chart shows Tues Aug 4th to Market Price. I explained to the guy at their office that Aug 4th is actually today, Monday. So will the prices change tomorrow (Tues)? He said yes.

    Stay tuned…

  • WEB_Dupree

    A fast-talking street hustler and a disgraced former trader are about to walk out onto the ticket-trading floor and blow this whole thing up. Watch out, Mortimer and Randolph!

  • tostevinUSC

    Last year some the games for the coliseum were sold on groupon. I doubt I will pay that price to drive 450 miles to a place I don’t like to sit with people I hate to see a football game. Half the price and I might think about it.