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South Carolina likes to be known as USC but are the Gamecocks now taking over USC’s colors too?

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  • UCLA Bleauz

    Does Coastal Louisiana like to be known as UCLA?

    • rusoviet

      Bleauz you know while we’re on the subject just what else does ucla have to identify themselves but those four letters? Cal is also known as Berkeley, Stanford ‘The Farm’, USC ‘Troy’ but for ucla fans what? Bruinville? Westwood? Heck you can’t even use ‘Los Angeles’ the way Cal does Berkeley

      • UCLA Bleauz

        Good point… and they seem to be very uncomfortable being associated with Bel Air, for some reason…..The Culver City Crew?…..West LA la la’s?…..The duds in the flood?

        • TrojanFan3.0

          The duds in the flood?…..LOL!!

        • Trogan Fan

          Let’s not joke here – SC’s not known as “Troy”. If you asked people if they’re fans of “Troy” they’d look at you cross eyed. Now, ask them if they’re Fig Tech fans and they’ll know what you’re talking about.

      • Aero93

        I would bet you that 99.9999% of USC fans have no idea what Troy is in a historical context other than a guy in a skirt riding a horse.

        • UCLA Bleauz

          I would expand your sample size to the average US citizen….

        • UCLA owns LA Football

          Ever so true. SUCCster’s just don’t realize “Trojan” is a synonym for loser or a sucker for a mudder on a bright, dry, sunny day..

          • UCLA Bleauz

            Would you be hating on this blog this much if UCLA hadn’t beaten USC the last two years?……..

          • UCLA owns LA Football

            Would too.

      • UCLA owns LA Football

        Many FB announcers refer to SUCC as “Southern Cal.” Been that way for many years. Actually i remember when Southern Cal (during the McKay years) was the preferred SUCC nickname.

        UCLA is recognized all over the World and doesn’t share its name with any other team.

        Southern Cal, on the other hand, is a geographical location within the State of California, and USC could be the Univ. of South Carolina. LOL.

        • grave soul

          You’re absolutely right — UCLA benefits from a stellar reputation around the world, whereas USC touts a reputation and connections that are really, primarily limited to Southern California. A UCLA degree is of high value worldwide (just look at world rankings; who gets accepted to Ivies; moreover, the UCLA logo sells just as much as big brand names in places like Asia and the Middle East–UCLA is truly internationally known) and without the need of its grads heavily relying on nepotism and alumni favors to get a job or get ahead.

          usc grads have a lot of catching up to do before they can even come close. It’s sad that, now that their football program has been failing (and let’s face it, football is just about the only good thing that usc has produced), usc grads are running around like the sky is falling…trying to figure out an idenity in this brave new world.

      • UCLA owns LA Football

        “Cal” is the nickname for UC Berkeley Commie298.

        Since you haven’t noticed 298, all California UC’s are named for their location – ex: UCLA, UC Irvine, UC Riverside, UC San Francisco, so on and so forth Commie298.

        Sorry Professor 298, to bust up another of your ludicrous, half baked “was I or was I not there” tutorials. LOL.

  • HAWR-HAWR!!! what a total DISS!!

    South Carolina has FAR MORE cred as a football program that Southern Cal does…it’s not even a close contest!!

    better coach, better players, tougher schedule, smarted fans, EVERYONE loves the ‘Ol Ball Coach!!

    all Yesterday U had going for it was tradition, and even THAT is going all down the toilet now!!!


    • TrojanFan3.0

      Go back to painting. No cares what you have to say
      That dementia is in total control, it’s sad but true

      • Trogan Fan

        Cow Poly! Bandwaggon on!

        • TrojanFan3.0

          What happened to the gotroy handle?

          PS….what’s a Trogan?


      /it’s hard to have a tought schedule when you have to play UGLY every year!

      • just for that, Hundley is gonna whip you Dummies for the THIRD STRAIGHT year!!!

        i can’t WAIT to see what our D does to those Freshman O-Linemen you are gonna start this year!!!


      • Trogan Fan

        worry about beating Wazzu before you set your sights on THE MIGHTY BRUINS!

    • UCLA Bleauz

      Are you really this desperate for attention that you would troll on a daily basis on your arch rivals blogs in an attempt to provoke reactions to your inflammatory comments?……..I’ll save you the trouble of answering…. “yes!”

    • B.Miller

      Yet So. Carolina has same problem as UCLA..

  • grave soul

    The University of South Carolina (USC) predates its ugly and awkward cousin on Vermont Blvd. by almost 80 years. If they want mustard and ketchup, LET THEM HAVE MUSTARD AND KETCHUP!!