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MCKAY.PLAQUEThis plaque sits near the statue of John McKay (in his inaccurate Nike shoes) at the McKay Center. But it explains that Nike owner Phil Knight made a donation and that McKay was on Nike’s first board of directors. So McKay’s wearing Nikes because of a donation? We already knew that. You might argue that it is appropriate he wear Nikes because he was on their board.

But when did he ever wear Nikes as USC’s football coach? He has a building named after him because he was a great football coach. Not because he was on the board of Nike. Maybe this says more about what USC values most these days. Please click on photo if you want to read the plaque.


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  • B.Miller

    I think the Nike shoe story has run its course, but Im sure we will get a Poll on it…
    yay Wolf!

  • so you were RIGHT, wolfman. the desecration of the McKay statue is based on Southern Cal’s sucking up to the Ducks Benefactor, Knight.

    and shouldn’t the Southern Cal emblem be prominent, and the Nike Swoosh the smaller incon on this plaque???

    this just keeps getting more and more disturbing….

    GREAT reportage, wolfman!


    • B.Miller

      Take a knee Wang

      “A trio of true freshmen were left off UCLA’s training camp roster. Quarterback Aaron Sharp, linebacker Dwight Williams and receiver Jordan Lasley did not practice on Monday and will not return to the team until Aug. 31, after UCLA’s season opener at Virginia.

      “Those three guys did not live up to the standards that we’re looking for through the summer months,” Mora said.

      All three were rated as three-star recruits by Rivals.”

      • Trogan Fan

        this is old news, and of no real concern. But keep trying to change topics – I can imagine the embarrassment as SC bends to Oregon’s boss once again.


          UGLY’s camp started today and you bRuin trolls still only think about USC.

          • Trogan Fan

            Nope. Nothing too concerning in San Berdoo. All the drama’s over at Fig Tech! You know, Yesterday U! The biggest cheaters in college football history! Sanction U! El Siete will have you back to 7 wins in no time!

          • Jack B

            It’s always all about USC in L.A. We all know the little gutties will choke again this year, like always. All anybody really cares about is if the Trojans will return to power, a seat the bruins have never sat in. You’ve got a great QB, literally a key to a college teams success, yet you still aren’t in the pre-season to five. It’s that little gutty loser rep for you. You just can’t shake it.

          • Trogan Fan

            does pre-season matter? Unfinished Business ring a bell! 1 to UN?

          • FIGHTONtoVICTORY

            1 to 1? 1 to a?

          • UCLA owns LA Football


          • Jack B

            Good practice for uclaownsdiddlysquat to keep that mouth wide open for that foot that’s always in it.

          • UCLA Bleauz

            Choking is inevitable for UCLA…….it’s an inherent part of their DNA…. That’s why Mora is teaching the entire team the Heimlich maneuver…….

          • UCLA owns LA Football

            Yesterday Goober. And, just three threads above your witless comment FoV, BM reports old UCLA news.

          • FIGHTONtoVICTORY

            just goes to show, most of us really couldn’t care less about UGLY.

        • UCLA owns LA Football

          Bends over for Nike lucre!

        • B.Miller

          Ha.. “no real concern” when it affect the Lame bRUINS!

      • ThaiMex

        All three will REDSHIRT this year and will be eligible to practice with the team after August 31……Jalen (can’t cope) Fitzpatrick is GONE and he won’t be comin’ back!
        fit Un Knuckleheads!

        • B.Miller

          Actually Jalen is still on the team and enrolled in school and practicing..
          Oops.. But its ok to run your mouth without facts..

          • ThaiMex

            Typical U$C player….great practice player, but NEVER shows up on SATURDAY’S.
            Fit Un Knucklehead!

          • B.Miller

            yeah.. it showed in the 10 win season USC had last year.. Great point thighmix

  • Go Tama

    Maybe the bRUIN trolls are right, maybe it should be U$C these days.

  • Aero93

    “Love For Sale”
    – Cole Porter

  • FreeShabazz

    Swooshgate! Love it.

  • bazinga

    [ ] Stuff I care about
    [X] This