Defensive Safety Precaution


USC defensive linemen are required to wear knee braces this season during practices like Antwaun Woods in the above photo, to reduce the risk for injuries. The defensive line is already missing Kenny Bigelow, who tore knee ligaments in June. Players do not need to wear the braces in games.

“I feel like an offensive lineman,” defensive tackle Leonard Williams said.

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  • Trogan Fan

    the irony, of course, is that braces do nothing to prevent injury. But way to go El Siete!

    • B.Miller

      HA! Have you ever played football, or just watched it from the sidelines and benches..
      Nothing “prevents” injury, but substantial evidence of the protective aspects of protective knee braces to capsular structures of the knee.

      • Trogan Fan

        actually, you’re wrong. There’s no evidence supporting this. Google is your friend.

        • B.Miller

          Actually YOU ARE wrong.. Its a precaution, not a prevention..

      • UCLA owns LA Football

        What Medical School did you graduate, where did you do your residency, and in what field?

        • UCLA Bleauz

          You don’t have to be a densit to know that you need to brush and floss your teeth everyday…..I love how people like Owns Syndrome immediately rush to validate ones educational qualifications just to state an opinion….