Adoree Jackson Practicing Everywhere

Adoree Jackson spent today’s practice at cornerback, wide receiver, kickoff returns and even took a handoff on one play from the backfield.

“We counted his reps,” Steve Sarkisian said. “It is a lot on him mentally. To Adoree’s credit, he’s had a wonderful attitude about it.”

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  • UCLA owns LA Football

    AJ is too small to last a season playing everywhere. More important SUCCster’s, what’s the skinny on D. Mama’s progress/practice.

    • Ben Dover

      Im sure you’d be saying this if he committed to UCLA, right? “Yah, I would I never liked Adoree Jackson” Look at you being first to reply. Are you secretly a closet USC fan? Admit it you are. Its okay. You can come out of the closet now.

      • UCLA owns LA Football

        AJ weights what, about a $1.65. You do the math. As I’ve said B-4, AJ would either RS or waste a year of eligibility with minimal playing time @ UCLA.

        Is SUCC FB that bad, and need to exploit a true freshmen to hype the 2014 season?

        • Guest

          Are you for real? I’ve never read such stupidity in my life

          • ThaiMex

            You must be new around here…..Stupidity is everywhere…just look at any post by T-Fail..
            Fit Un knucklehead!

          • Mike 70

            So says the undisputed king of stupidity who makes a profession of trolling this sight with shades of the Three Faces of Eve…or is it five?

      • Helen

        It seems that all the UCLA scabs are in the closet.

        • UCLA owns LA Football

          If anybody would know Butch, you would.

      • UCLA owns LA Football

        Hey BD, what FB Championship did AJ’s Sierra team win in 2013? AJ is nothing but a Showboat, Glory Hog. He won’t get away with his HS antics in the Pac-12. Wet dishrags weight more AJ.

    • TrojanFamily

      Except what you know about football can’t fill a teaspoon.

      You seem awfully obsessed with Mama’s weight. Are you hoping to date him?

  • Arturo

    Smart move by Sark…he’s doing with Adoree what should have been done with or promised to DAT.

  • anno nimus

    He really good on kickoffs, but not so much on defense, he got burned all night be better than average WR.