Bennie Boatwright Commits To USC

Bennie Boatwright, a 6-9 wing player from Village Christian in Sun Valley, committed to USC. Boatright, a four-star forward, is ranked the 45th-best player in nation according to Rivals.

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  • Trogan Fan

    Wait, you telling me SC has a basketball team?

    • TrojanFamily

      Your knowledge of sports is apparently as great as your knowledge of spelling.

  • Im not certain that a blog marketed to trolls is a good thing.

    • Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy beat writer.

  • He may be a trOXan, but he gets my vote for league’s best name!

    How can you not like a kid named Benny Boatwright???

    • TrojanFamily

      You gonna create another fake ID with that name too?

      • Look who’se talking, Cheap Lies/Wahhhn Carloads!!

        • Jethro G Sabbath

          Are you sure this time?

    • timtrojan

      On some things we can all agree.

  • ThaiMex

    Just wondering…does Greg Oden have any eligibility left? He’d fit right in over at good ole’ U$C.
    “FIT” Un!!!

    • Guest

      Do you read at a third grade level?

      • UCLA owns LA Football

        TF in sock puppet disguise..

        • TrojanFamily

          Anyone else notice how Suckee is doing the impeccable impersonation of Damon Wayans as the homeless guy on In Living Color? He uses English words completely non descriptively. “Your Honor, I’d like to masticate this appointment indubitably.” I do have to admit, it’s absolutely hilarious. Like Stephen Colbert, you never break character. We’ve all grown to love the illiterate, venomous idiocy that you’ve brought to the boards.