Coliseum Thought

How is it going to go over at the Coliseum when those halftime and post-game interviews are being done with Steve Sarkisian after a loss? Or after a couple losses? You might not be able to hear the interview over the boos.

Imagine if this were done last season after the loss to Washington State?

And this doesn’t even ponder how inane the questions are likely to be, win or loss.

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  • as long as you don’t ask the questions Scottie, pretty good I figure. It’d be great to see Sark go a little bit Amash on his competition!!!!

  • UCLA Bleauz

    A halftime interview after a loss?….. Okaaaaaaaayyyy…..

    • Giovanni

      You’ve never been to a game that was called after halftime?! Happens several times each season. And, just as Scotty suggests, it’s always tough on the losing coach!

      I think you owe Mr. Wolf an apology for implying otherwise…..

      • UCLA Bleauz

        I stand corrected, Giovanni…….. Grazie!

        • Giovanni

          That took class! If only certain others could follow your example.

  • UCLA Bleauz

    Just let Reid Silverman conduct the interviews….you always seem to disable the comments by readers of this blog anyway…..

  • B.Miller

    “And this doesn’t even ponder how inane the questions are likely to be, win or loss.”

    Wolf you are not the sharpest tool, are you? you come up with the most moronic topics to present to readers..
    Keep up the great work Wolf..

    • party_opponent

      SW: “An adequate 50-3 result this afternoon, Coach. I give you an overall C minus. What is your opinion on the Nike shoes adorning the statue of John McKay?”

      Sark: “…”

      • Jack B

        Sark: “How long you been wearing that sweatshirt Wolfie? Maybe you could switch before next game. Until then, you get a C minus too. Sorry, gotta go. “

    • UCLA owns LA Football

      The old adage about making a silk purse out of a sow’s ear is applicable to SUCC’s crumbling mausoleum’s upgrade. All the mausoleum’s new clothes won’t improve SUCC FB program product.

      • UCLA Bleauz

        As much as it pains me to admit this, I can’t disagree with you…. this dump needs to be completely leveled and rebuilt from the ground up….if the historical monument huggers come running to it’s defense, then we had better hope that an NFL team comes to LA and builds a new stadium that we could share……We play what?…Six or so games a year at the Coliseum?…..and it’s more or less vacant the rest of the year????…..No way that USC will put much money into restoring the Coliseum in the big way …. the ROI doesn’t add up…..and, like most LA fans, the stands will be filled regardless, as long as they’re winning….

        • jetman624

          I have never understood all the whining about the cloi. I personally am proud to call such a historic landmark home. Tailgating on campus and walking across the street to the game cannot be beat by a nice offsite location. What do you need a nicer seat for? You should be standing and cheering! Why do you need a nicer toilet to piss in? It’s piss! Better food? Better food means exponentially higher cost, and there are plenty of places in and around campus to get a good bite to eat.

          • Jack B

            Coliseum is a great place to see a game. Tailgating for hours both on the beautiful campus and around the historic stadium is terrific. I’m with you jetman. Bathroom problems? Maybe I’ve just got a strong bladder. So many amazing memories! I saw the Beban Bomb game there when I was a kid, followed by the Danny Graham PI/Dickerson game, 55-24 of course, Aaron Rodgers and a very good Cal team stuck against a great red zone stand…and so many others. Magical place. I love it when the Irish show up.

          • Jethro G Sabbath

            Sammy Knight was a bright spot in a forgettable period for USC. His effort and heart in that game was astounding.

      • Sally Cushing

        Oh, it’s you again, Mr. Low Self Esteem. Stopped by in an attempt to make yourself feel better did you, you little snot? You are convincing proof of the adage that it’s not possible to convince a dysfunctional person that they are dysfunctional.

        • UCLA owns LA Football


          • B.Miller

            HA! She got ya!

    • ThaiMex

      Come on….you know Scotty is playing “down” to all the Thick Sculled Rah Rah followers. This is INSIDE Fig Tech, not U.S. News & World Report. Home to The Kid’s choice awards, Disneyland Clocks & street Lamps, BARBED Wire and 24 hr. Cops (oops….almost forgot about the Wino Urine!)…..and you knuckleheads seem to like it that way! It’s the only school I know of where your STARR Linebacker, decides it would be a cool thing to change his last name to the name of a CHEVY dealer down the street! Hey…but….at least you guys have a Basketball team AND…an ICE Skating RINK!

      fit Un knuckleheads!

      • B.Miller

        I really try to read your comments, but i get bored.. sorry

  • EncinitasBruin

    I think Jack Wang poses as Wolf sometimes. I’m not even an SC fan and I can’t believe how vapid this post is…

    • Buzz

      At least Mr Wolf posts regularly. Mr Wang posts sporadically and doesn’t seem to work nights or weekends. I think he uses tweets to supplement his column but those tweets often are about subjects most foreign.

      • EncinitasBruin

        You have to hand it to Scott–he does churn out a lot of material. Wang is okay, just not living and breathing it the way the Wolfman does (albeit sometimes moronically). To quote Josie Wales: Many of his posts have a certian understated stupidity.

    • Jack B

      You seem like a very reasonable person and much different from the other crazy Trolls who flounder around here, repetitively flailing away ad nauseum. Congrats on repping your school with some class and actually adding some non-inflammatory insight and humor to this forum.

  • FreeShabazz

    This is legitimate because it is exactly what is going to be discussed in a matter of weeks. I’ve never seen so many people as easily offended by truth and reality than the devout Trogan faithful on this blog. It does keep you coming back though!

  • Buzz

    I am sure they took the potential for losing in an upset into consideration when they set up the program. They probably figured it would be a way for Coach Sark to showcase his glittering personality. It could really cause a problem to Trojan Nation if answers to questions came out badly.

  • TrollKilla

    Just win baby…

  • Helen

    One of your most moronic posts Scottie.

    • Fred

      it’s great that Helen wakes up every day and says to herself…”I’m going to burn Scott and he will go away”…and yet he never goes away…and she still posts on his blog EVERY single day…how moronic is your life now Helen?

      • Helen

        Freddie – if the shoe fits… wear it.

  • Trogan Fan

    In other news, no love for the Torgans from Malik Henry. It’s ok though – El Siete will find some 3 star to fit the program!

  • rusoviet

    Well if one is wondering what it would have been like after the embarrassing loss to WA St. last year “Return with me to yesteryear when…” Paul Hackett was HC – I was at a game in 1998 against AZ St. – it was evident we were headed for a complete blow out loss even before half-time.

    Half-time arrives along with that ex-LAPD clown former SC announcer bore Dennis Packer on the microphone – suddenly a pitch for Troy Camp. There’s poor Hackett on the jumbotron holding up an empty plastic gallon milk container asking for donations – man you could have heard the boos all the way west of Vermont – THAT’S what it would have been like last year.

  • TrojanFan3.0

    Really dude!!!!!….How fing lame can you get?