Another Thought On Suites


With the addition of the field-level suites, one could hope they replaced those clumsy suites that block the view of the historic peristyle end of the Coliseum. But as you can see, those suites are still in place for this season, robbing the stadium of some of its character.

18 thoughts on “Another Thought On Suites

  1. Que Pasa? An actual topic/comment that makes sense?
    Oh, I get it…Wolfie, you sneaky dog/sly fox. You cut and pasted a comment from Mr. Miller. I guess we all gotta’ do what we all gotta’ do.

  2. It’s great to see Wolfie so agitated and upset. All these Coliseum plans have put Wolfie into a complete tizzy.

  3. Looks Good. that the Power 5 have more autonomy, the extra income generated by these suites will come in handy (wink, wink). Reminds me a little of Wrigley…another Iconic Stadium…

    • Arturo, you and Stinky B, seem the type SUCCster’s to enjoy the rich SUCC experience of paying $17.50 a glass of Two Buck Chuck.

  4. Neither the Sun Deck or the suites look like a place to actually watch the game. Typical L.A., overpriced seats for people with more money than they know what to do with, to come and be seen and could care less about USC football!

  5. OK, I will take the bait and put my 2-cents worth in

    I was gravely disappointed when I first saw those temp bleachers put in years ago. It destroyed the beautiful symmetry of the coliseum

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