Expect The Unexpected With USC Coach Steve Sarkisian

Daily News columnist Mark Whicker takes a close look at USC coach Steve Sarkisian.

“But it is difficult to know what to expect because Sarkisian doesn’t know. Call it organized spontaneity.

“We spend hours with these play sheets, these giant playbooks,” Sarkisian said. “Some guys call plays right off that sheet, depending on the situation. Others don’t look at it. Norm  (Chow) made a lot of calls from his gut. I think I’m somewhere in the middle on that.”

Full column here

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  • UCLA Bleauz

    …..because the Wolfman could NEVER get this close…..

  • UCLA owns LA Football

    Mark Whicker, recently dumped by the Register, shills unabashedly about Sark/SUCC. LOL.

  • Brad Hutchings

    Well, Norm did/does have a large gut. Kiffin, being so lean, had no gut at all. And Sark is somewhere in the middle. I kinda dig Sark.

  • mark

    Mark Whicker lost his job with the Register? Couldn’t happen to a better guy. The few times I sent him an email about a story, I got back rude, insulting, condescending vitriol.
    Hey, Mark! You said I was full of BS when I suggested that Dustin Johnson’s 2012 injury was really a suspension for a failed drug test for cocaine. Now what do you say?

    • UCLA owns LA Football

      Mark Whicker got what he deserved. He skill set is several steps below “Hack” level.

      • TrojanFamily

        Didn’t you cry at the idea of a journalist losing his job in another thread. You suggested calling for a journalist to be fired was downright Nazi.

        Yet here you say it was deserved.

        So are you a Nazi or just full of crap?

  • FreeShabazz

    What an absolutely perfect statement by Sarkiffin. Symbolic that he always seem to end up “somewhere in the middle” of a 12-13 game season in the win column. 7-Win Sark On!!!!!!!

  • rusoviet

    Really good article – Sarkisian is his own man and he constantly states there is nothing to be gained by looking back – USC, El Camino JC, BYU, Saskatchewan – CFL, AOC @ USC, offered/declined HC w. OAK, HC @ WA and now at Troy.

    What will be interesting is to watch the reactions of Sarkisian vs. Mora as the year progresses – wins and losses.