Strike Out The Band!


With this new Sun Deck configuration, I estimate the band will be at least 30 yards from the field. I’m curious if any other marquee football program put their band in the hinterlands? Here’s a site that lists location of many college bands. Like I said, don’t expect AARP Bartner to protest because he let the band get tossed from the student section seven years ago.

And here’s where Michigan’s band sits in its 109,000-seat stadium.


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  • UCLA owns LA Football

    I think the SUCC band should have their own special seating configuration in Mikey 70’s Condo patio in Barstow.

    • Go Tama

      Better than FUCLA’s band that looks like it flew in from a SF gay pride parade

      • rusoviet

        Careful Tama or the boyo directly above you is going to go ‘postal’ on your intolerance

        “…paint it black you devil…”

      • slow your roll, hater


        • TrojanFan3.0

          Says the demented idiot

      • UCLA owns LA Football

        SUCC band claim to fame – Warmed up an empty mausoleum for a Milli-Vanilli concert.

      • ProbationU

        Your remark about the band from SF Gay Pride parade reminds me of a line from Peter Graves in the movie “Airplane!” where he invites a boy up to the cockpit and says, “Billy, do you like movies about gladiators?”… You decide which band more closely meets that description.

        And by the way….the band playing the same songs over and over again after any positive play is very tiring. They should be as far away from the field as possible.

  • rusoviet

    Nobody and I mean NOBODY wants to be near the band – in fact I’d lay wagers that’s true for any college football fan – for starters they should forego the playing of the fight song after every first down – that would be a move in the right direction.

    The Coliseum is a track stadium – it had one of the few >100meters straight lanes in the entire world – it was removed in 1994 to add seats for the Raiders.

    The school band members are to be commended for their contribution – life isn’t fair – ask anyone once they get their first paycheck.

    • marvgoux1

      When the team is playing poorly and the crowd is dead the USC Marching Band members are often the only ones still cheering and staying involved until the end of the game no matter how badly things are going. Putting them far away from the field will diminish our home field advantage,

      • rusoviet

        Well said and yes their dedication is remarkable –

  • Helen

    Who cares where the band sits?

  • wolfman, i don’t know WHAT that old decrepit Bartner did to pi$$$ you off, but you are one…..RUTHLESS VATO LOCO!!!

    vicious crotch kick to AARP Bartner!!!

    well done, wolfman!!! this one hit the Dummies square in the nether regions!!!
    but as the Cadre knows, sometimes you gotta SHOOT A HOSTAGE to get your message across!!!

    also amusing how the Dummies turned their backs on the hostage rather than try to defend the old creep…wolfman you got the Dummies SCARED!!!!

    • Sally Cushing

      Flagged for being offensive.

      • I didn’t flag your disturbing “stud nephew” comment, even though it made me uncomfortable…


      • UCLA owns LA Football


    • TrojanFan3.0

      Do you realize how fing lame you sound 99% of the time?

      Dementia has you all screwed up!

  • UCLA Dynasty

    Not even the administration can stand that band. 2 songs and they don’t play either particularly well.

    Perhaps next year they will just leave them in the parking lot and get a CD player on repeat.

    • rusoviet

      bel-air tech stole their so-called school ditty from Cal in the late 40’s – to this day ask any ‘ruin to sing it – they can’t because they don’t know any words – then again when you purloin that which you have never been legally entitled to it speaks volumes of how your entire campus is run.

      BTW what’s thew latest on the ACLU’s assisting the vets in regaining Jackie Robinson Stadium?

  • timtrojan

    Scotty has another cause for the list. Get ready for 6 months of in depth reporting on band seating.

    • Sally Cushing

      Time for a change.

      • you REALIZE you don’t HAVE to be here, RIGHT??

        you can change what blog you visit!!

        GAWWD!! is there anything more annoying than someone who CHOOSES to be somewhere and sits there incessantly COMPLAINING about being there??? are you 94 1/2 yrs old???

  • Golden Trojan

    This is what happens when you try to put lipstick on the pig that is the Coliseum! All the work the band puts in, not only on game day, they deserve better. The new seating will suck and the only people there will care less what happens on the field!