Patience Seems To Be Wearing Thin With Offensive Lineman Aundrey Walker

Offensive lineman Aundrey Walker’s been limited in training camp with a slower-than-expected return from last season’s fractured ankle. Several times this week, USC coach Steve Sarkisian noted Walker’s been cleared by doctors and expressed frustration.

“At some point, he either needs to say I’m either pushing myself and going for it or accepting the role I’m in,” Sarkisian said.

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  • Giovanni

    I know I’m speaking on behalf of myriads of fans when I say I’m surprised to hear that Aundrey isn’t pushing himself. It’s a shame he’s throwing away the sterling reputation he earned in the 2012 Stanford and UCLA games.

    • Ben Factor

      I enjoyed both of your comments–they both made me laugh.

      Still, if I understood correctly, Walker was on a good roll at the end of 2013
      when he got hurt. He is a senior, with every incentive to make a good
      showing for NFL scouts.

      Thus, it is not unlikely that the ankle is bothering him a lot, whether or not the doctors cleared him. Hopefully, he is going back to the doctor to see what might be causing that.

      • Giovanni

        Man, I hate it when someone sees both sides of things! (Especially after I’m on record as only seeing one)!

      • Buzz

        This is concerning to me. Clearly Walker is hurting so I don’t agree with Coach Sark trying to publicly shame him into playing before he is ready. If Walker does have NFL aspirations then it would be important for him to look good and to do that he should be physically ready to do his best rather than be injured and possibly underperform. There the hurt versus injured argument but the player has to make the call on that. I don’t think Coach Sark is sending the right message to the team and possible future Trojans.

  • UCLA owns LA Football

    Hey, maybe the ankle does hurt.

    • Giovanni

      Don’t encourage him. You’re a lot better off if he’s out there playing when the season starts.

    • i agree, fractured ankle on a big kid like that takes time….why is Siete humiliating the kid??

  • way to rip your own player in the press, El Siete!!

    embarrassing players with the press is a good motivational technique….for the PROS!!!!

    not sure it works so great on 19 yr old KIDS!!!

    SHAME on you!!


  • john wolcott

    Has Hell frozen over? Are the birds no longer flocking into Capistrano? Has there been declared peace in Israel-Palestine?

    Yes, once in a great while I will agree with the Ugly Bucket, and yes, I don’t like coaches putting down their players in the press.

  • ugottherightone

    Clearly, you’re a doctor Gi Gi the sweet, his ankle can’t be hurting it was only sprung, not broken!

    • Giovanni

      The doctors are the ones that cleared him, blinky.

  • B.Miller