USC Morning Buzz: What About Backup Quarterback Max Browne?

BROWNE.PRACTICEHans Gutknecht/Los Angeles Daily News

There is no quarterback derby in training camp but Max Browne said he is prepared to play if needed for USC and is comfortable running the new playbook.

“I know I’m one play away or one hit away,” Browne said. “You don’t want to think that but you see that happen with other teams.”

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  • ThaiMex

    Max thinks a whole lot like ThaiMex…ONE LITTLE “Rice Krispie” (snap, crackle, pop), or the second game against Stanford (which ever comes first), and the season is KAPUT! You thought the team stunk it up after a few terrible games under Goat Boy….Well….just you wait till the team implodes sometime around week #2. Unbelievable as it seems…..but this season could be as bad as the unforgettable #1 to Un season a few years ago. This season is a “freebie” for Sarkiffian….no need to worry about seeing (CLASSY) “Phaden” at the airport as they board the bus…., but I don’t recommend he go out House Hunting just yet.

    fit Un knuckleheads!

    • Jethro G Sabbath

      Another day, another plea for attention from you know who.

      • he’s RIVETING, isn’t he???

        • UCLA Bleauz

          He’s a regular Rosie the Riveter alright.

    • HAWR-HAWR!!!!

      another tour de FORCE by THAIMEX!!!!

      you’re BRINGING it baby!! like the wolfma, you are already in PostSeason FORM!!!!

      viva la TAPATIO!!!

      • TrojanFan3.0

        What exactly is he bring?

        Another bottle of hot sauce

      • UCLA Bleauz

        More like a tour de FARCE….

    • TrojanFan3.0

      It’s Tool Time 2.0!

      Thanks bean, another lame post

  • UCLA owns LA Football

    Unless CK gets hurt, Browne, a 5 star QB, will spent 75% of his SUCC career on the bench. The final year of Browne non-career will be spent in competition with younger SUCC QB recruits better suited to run QB Sark/SUCC new (version 2014) offense.

    It’s quite possible that Browne will never play down of SUCC game FB. Even if Browne graduates early, he’ll have zero game experience to offer another Big 5 team. Who’s guiding Browne’s career, and to what purpose? – How’s Mr. Wittek’s career working out?

    • TrojanFamily

      I’ll be sure to share your concerns with his family.

      Just how afraid of him are you, since you daily beg him to transfer?

      • UCLA owns LA Football

        Well if Browne wants to just sit he’s certainly in the right University FB program. .

  • “I know I’m one play away or one hit away,” Browne said. “You don’t want to think that but…That’s the mindset I took.”

    JEEEZ LOUISE, Maxie!!! put away the Voo-Doo doll for crissakes!!
    after two long years, FINALLY Maxie sounds a bit CHEERY thinking about his prospects!!

    • TrojanFan3.0

      It’s Tool Time!

      Thanks bucket, another lame post

      • Trogan Fan


        • TrojanFamily

          Twitter typo troller

  • EncinitasBruin

    Browne is SC’s best back-up QB since the Carroll days (Mustain, Corp, Wittek? No.)

    • TrojanFamily

      I think he looks a lot like Mark Sanchez sitting behind JD Booty. I hope I’m wrong and Kessler steps up.

  • UCLA owns LA Football

    A breathe of SUCC fresh air. SUCC has a great defense, but the offense is mediocre at best. Unreasonable expectations won’t make SUCC a better FB team.