Player Spotlight: Pat Cannamela


Pat Cannamela was an All-American linebacker in 1951 and nicknamed the Pocket Battleship because of his size (5-11, 210) and physical style of play. Life magazine wrote after USC played Cal in 1951 that, “Cannamela helped USC incur three roughness penalties (and) was congratulated by teammates when he disabled California star Johnny Olszewski.”

Cannamela played a year in the NFL with the Dallas Texans. His life ended tragically in 1973 when he walked into a robbery at the dept. store where he worked and was shot. He was 43.

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    Great spotlight. Another note, looks like Myles Jack was thrown out of practice for fighting with an offensive lineman.

    • Go Tama

      This is a USC blog, not Fucla’s, so who cares.


        Majority of posters here are bRUINs. I dont think I’d even consider this a USC blog with all the posts about coaches at different schools and recruits that went elsewhere.

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          Fit UN, the trOXans on this blog are TOTALLY OBSESSED with UCLA….thanks for the update

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            Not really obsessed. We just wish they would get the damn order right. That’s a SMALL 7up!

          • sorry i’ll get it right next time…..of course you know when i see the Southern Cal license plate, i give the 7UP’s a little EXTRA bonus!!!


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            Yeah, the word is your wife give the SC guys a extra bonus as well; though I hear she does charge.

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            not what is important to your wife though, that ain’t up.

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            It must suck to be you

    • UCLA Bleauz

      Jalen Ramsey got kicked out of FSU’s practice the other day, too, for knocking Jameis Winston to the ground after he ran into their RB, Karlos Williams ……

  • john wolcott

    Wrong place at the wrong team.

    Funny, but I was figuring the odds of being the object of a homicide in Los Angeles the other day. There are about 600 per year in the county of approximately 13 million, so that is one chance in about 22,000. Every year.

    Pretty good odds of not being affected, but these are not lottery type odds

    • UCLA Bleauz

      Steer clear of Chicago…….