Suite Update

SUITES.2Pat Haden said today that eight of the 10 end-zone suites have been sold for the upcoming season. Haden said the suites are not necessarily permanent but more of a trial.

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  • Go Tama

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHA, as long as they sell, they will be permanent. Pat Haden loves money, he has to, he’s got to finance his silly women’s sports somehow.

  • rusoviet

    That is a wise move by Pat Haden. Best to see just how easy a standard game day works out – access and exiting as well as proximity to amenities .

    If they have the ‘gate crashers’ at alumni parties that are ‘regular fare’ directly outside the Coliseum fence this could turn into a real mess.

    OT – LA is still being considered by the IOC for the 2024 Olympiad

  • john wolcott

    They have players, coaches and hangers-on right on the sidelines, so I would think it would be less intrusive to have fans in the endzones where there is not much comparative action and the fans are farther away from the field.

    Still, it smacks of another blow to ritual and tradition in this country that tears down buildings that are 60- years old whereas in Europe they maintain 600- year old buildings.

  • WEB_Dupree

    Suite scoop, Wolfman.

  • UCLA Bleauz

    Those mega-rich, drunk, cavorting idiots!

    • Larry Harris

      Cavorting??? There is no demonstrable proof of that.

  • Golden Trojan

    Wolf, how much did they pay for these? Food and drink can be brought down there. Are they going to have to use porta-potties under the band. And how are these rich idiots going to like the band blasting over their heads while they talk about their next reality TV deal!

  • OMG….i thought this was a crazy PUT ON!!!!

    they’re really gonna DO IT???

    this season is going to be…….AWESOME!!!!!

    can’t wait to see the Rudy’s faces when they see this Shanty Town!!! hopefully we get a close up on Kelly’s mug when he rolls his eyes and looks around in disbelief!!!

    • TrojanFan3.0

      I’m sure you’re getting all tingly with the start of the dumpster driving season just around the corner

    • B.Miller

      Do not pose this as a question.. you knew the whole time it was valid.. seeing that you are up to date on everything USC.. Fight on Charlie Bucket!

  • David Keeling

    I’d say this was a trial alright. Haden should know better… Seeing a football game, especially ground level, from an end-zone is the worst angle to watch a game. You can’t see what is evolving depth-wise. Go to a highschool football game and stand behind the goal posts and try following an of the plays… good luck!

    • rusoviet

      Amen – heck at least the scaffold seats had an elevated angle to get some ‘depth of field’ –

  • Larry Harris

    “More of a trial” sounds good to me. Just as long as the trial period does not extend past Aug 29, 2014.

  • Toejam For Life

    Are those horse stables?