What’s Your Biggest USC Concern?


What area of the USC football team concerns you? I don’t think anyone can say anything but the offensive line is question No. 1, with three potential new starters. Freshman Damien Mama (above) is getting more reps now at right guard and it looks like three spots are open with Aundrey Walker struggling to come back from injury.

There’s nothing wrong with new starters but even Chad Wheeler has things to prove from last season so really Max Tuerk is the only current starter with no real questions.

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  • RIGHT ON as always, wolfman!!!

    my SECOND concern is all the ingrate Dummies on this blog who complain about the wolfman DAILY….yet never miss a SINGLE of his POSTS!!!!

    my THIRD concern is how is NUBSIE doing??? i am starting to get WORRIED!!! i feel sad when i think of those beady little pig eyes crying in the rain, unable to show themselves oh their FAVORITE blog after all these years… : (



  • Tom Oday

    Morning practices, HC calling O plays from field level, and new helmets.

    • Buzz

      That’s funny, I was also going to say the new helmets. Also, how will the team react if they lose one of their first two games?

  • john wolcott

    Line play is always an issue every year at any of the Top-60 football schools. On average, 25% of the “workforce” leaves every year, so the team is always quite different from year to year.

    Offensive lineman have a tougher job than defensive linemen. The defense can just blast away indiscriminately trying to create disruption and havoc with the offensive play; whereas the offense is slightly more constrained, more cerebral, and more complex

    Still, despite the constant criticism of the SUCLA vermin putting down Mama as an offensive lineman force tells me that these useless tramps will soon find out who their daddy is

    • UCLA owns LA Football

      Ah yes Johnny, who’s your daddy – UCLA 35 – SUCC 14. UCLA’s O-Line is well prepared and looking mean. SUCC”s O-Line is heap big problem, and one major injury away from complete disaster. I guess Sark/SUCC could plug D. Mama (no pun intended) in to stop the leaks.

      • steveg

        As we all sit back and watch the excuses pour in as the little gutties self destruct.

      • TrojanFan3.0

        Wrong blog! ….go stroke the wang

      • B.Miller

        UCLA has who on their O line.. Oh wait.. NO ONE CARES!

  • UCLA owns LA Football

    Who should Mama (51) be blocking? Or who’s Mama blocking? The Sanford defense will eat SUCC’s O-Line for a snack.

    • looks like Mama just spotted a kid eating an ice cream sandwich on the sideline…


      • TrojanFamily


    • UCLA Bleauz

      I would pay good money to see Mama lay a pancake block on you……

  • FreeShabazz

    This should be a poll. With the 7-win coaching staff as the leading vote getter.

  • ThaiMex

    How ’bout Q.B.????
    Up to now…the QB has done NOTHING to make anyone believe he is a leader. He’s not MOBILE, can’t run and is the wrong guy for the Hurry Up Chuck and Duck offense. Among PAC 12 Quarterbacks Kessler would probably be ranked near the bottom (behind Mariota, Hundley, Hogan, Kelly, Mannion, Haliday, Wilson and Miles).

    Tight End?
    Current Coaching Staff is on par with last years….
    But when EVERYTHING is evaluated…it will be an improvement over last year because of the new Trailer Park in the End Zone and the addition of those Tasty new Hot Box Burritos (don’t forget the Tapatio!)
    Fit Un Knuckleheads!
    (maybe somebody needs to get on the phone with the City Of El Paso and see if They’d consider taking you guys back?)

    • TrojanFamily

      You’d think someone who has trolled a football blog for about a hundred years would have stumbled onto a little knowledge about the game.

      Apparently not.


      • ThaiMex

        Damn…I must be good if I’ve got a sanctimonious “douschbag” like you confused?
        fit Un!

  • Ted

    Dude…Mama is big! Don’t know if he could play a whole series let alone a whole game…

  • B.Miller


  • Toejam For Life

    Except that Max Turd caused Barkley to get Barr-ed and will cause Kessler to get Jack-ed! Five Win On!