Coliseum Scrimmage Recap (Updated)


USC does not allow live scrimmage updates, which is probably good because tonight’s effort was sloppy and about as uncrisp as the offense could look at times. There were at least 15 penalties in the 98-play scrimmage and the vaunted no-huddle often took more than 20 seconds between plays, not the 10-13 Steve Sarkisian set as a goal.

Here’s the unofficial passing stats: Cody Kessler was 14 of 20 for 144 yards with one interception and two touchdowns. Max Browne was 10 of 17 for 191 yards with two touchdowns and one interception. Jalen Greene did not play because of a pulled stomach muscle. One highlight was Andre Heidari’s 56-yard field goal but there were also several bad snaps. Field-goal snapper Zach Smith was sick and did not play.

Wide receiver Nelson Agholor was held out. Juju Smith was one of the better players with a TD catch and a leaping sideline catch for 22 yards. Max Browne’s first pass was intercepted by Chris Hawkins, who promptly received a penalty for spiking the ball.

Browne threw an 80-yard TD pass to a wide-open Victor Blackwell, who got behind the secondary. Blackwell then got a penalty for tossing the ball to defensive back Devian Shelton, who was lying in the end zone after the play.

There was a busted play where Cody Kessler looked like he was going to run and then got knocked over an fell face down like he was hurt. But Steve Sarkisian said it was only a bruised ego and Kessler was fine.

Kessler threw a 14-yard TD pass to Blackwell and a 9-yard TD pass to Smith. Browne’s second TD pass to walk-on David Mellstrom.

Heidari’s 56-yard field goal was interesting because the offense and defense each committed penalties. A false start pushed the ball back five yards after Heidari hit a 51-yarder and then the defense was offsides on his 56-yarder.

The other interception was by safety Gerald Bowman, who caught it after Kessler’s pass was tipped by an offensive player. Sarkisian said after the game that freshman offensive lineman Jordan Austin underwent hip surgery and would miss the season. He will eventually undergo surgery on the other hip.

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    sweet finger

    • UCLA Bleauz

      Scottie also moonlights as a proctologist…….

  • ThaiMex

    It kinda looks like what game day at the Coliseum (or Galen every week except for Kid’s Choice Awards) will look like after week #2.

    • TrojanFan3.0

      It means the dumpsters will be empty….haha!

  • Sally Cushing

    Time for change.

    • UCLA Bleauz

      Scotties diaper?

    • anno nimus

      He hasn’t even coached a game, give Sark a break.

  • Helen

    Nose bleed.

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      It’s where the band sits……

    • anno nimus

      Are you it’s your nose? TMI

  • Joe H

    Unfortunately, this is probably more informative than most posts.

    • UCLA owns LA Football

      I’d say so.

  • The only one I can make out is Mama…

  • LamontRaymond

    “Vaunted” no huddle. Clever, Scottie, clever! Loyal opposition is getting rolling at the Daily News…..

  • Jack B

    I couldn’t care less about penalties now. Great news on the FGs.

    The more bruised egos, the better.

    Looks like we have some attitude out there. Like that too.

    Things are coming along just fine. We’ll be able to throw the ball for sure, on anyone.

    The key will be the development of the OL and a strong running game. If that doesn’t happen, it’ll be a tough year.

    • Ben Factor

      I concur with your final conclusion, although the OL is a necessary but insufficient factor. USC is just thin–talented, but thin–and lacks experience at some positions. One would expect that, what with sanction depletion reaching its apogee this year. It’s not hard to imagine injuries spoiling the party.

      USC will pass as well as it ends up rushing. One must facilitate the other, at least against roughly equal talent.
      Personally, I have much more confidence in the RB group than in the QB group. And run blocking is supposed to be easier for OL players to learn.

      There are effort-based penalties and stupid penalties. If good habits are the key to excellence and virtue (so said “The philosopher”), stupid penalties need redress.

      • Jack B

        I’m sure the players are gonna hear a lot about any stupid penalties. It’s only 8/13.

        We’ve all known injuries could wreck this team. Maybe that will happen.

        This isn’t gonna be a great USC team, in any case, and I’d say our pre-season rankings are generous.

        Glad you feel more confident about our running game. Hope you are right. Personally, with our WR talent, I think we’ll be able to pass well even w/o a strong ground attack.

        • UCLA owns LA Football


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          • And a “mother” reference the other day.

            I don’t know … there’s something around the eyes … reminds me of …

            Joseph Way B. Lowe Normal.

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            The Little Gutty Bridesmaid thing is pretty tough to swallow Spanky, huh. Why are you always the Bridesmaid and can never win the conference? Please tell me? Spit it up.


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          He is the biggest hater of the bunch….and he’s semi-retarded, according to his screen name profile….

    • Bruin 34

      Wtf are you reading? Throw the ball on whom? Your third string defense?

    • Helen, your dad is having a “spell”



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        I’m your Daddy too Crotch Boy. Can’t believe one of my own turned out to be an attention seeking Troll. Your allowance is officially cut off.

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      “Throw the ball on anyone”? you mean on your defense, that’s not allowed to touch your QB? Gawd, you’re an idiot.

  • so, the no-huddle is too slow, the execution is too sloppy and Kessler fell right on his face….UH-OH!! Spaghetti-O!!!!


  • Trogan Fan

    Too funny to be true?