USC Improves Options On Campus For Home Games

USC TAILGATE Map 3D Final5USC finally is doing more on campus besides serving food to its donors during home football games. Beginning this season, Alumni Park, which is in front of Doheny Library, will serve food and drinks for purchase with large TV screens to watch football games.

There will also be activities for kids tossing and kicking footballs and you can even make a tail like Traveler to wear to the game. My favorite is the “long snap” station where you can snap the ball to a punter. Based on training camp, USC coaches might head over to find a snapper for field goals. For complete information, click here

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  • “USC coaches might head over to find a snapper for field goals.”

    wolfman, you ALWAYS gotta stick a thumb in the Dummies’ eye, DON’T YOU????


    you ALWAYS deliver, wolfman!!!


  • rusoviet

    This is a smart move – i.e. the news release ‘free and open to the public’…the Expo Line goes right by the coliseum on the north side of Exposition Park – it is a way to make an even deeper connection and commitment to the residents of the neighborhood and the city at large.

    ESPN Game Day now has added resources when they host at Troy.

    ucla might think of the same if only to get their usual >40K out at the Rose Bowl to ‘see’ the game but if they did the fringe ‘glbt’ left would demand a ‘boffo’ ‘living theatre’ between halves and quarters

    ” hmm between halves….oooohhh la la….festiving all the way!…. I get 3 CEU’s by participating….prance on in westwood!…prance!”

    • Trogan Fan

      I see what you did there. You think the Game Day Experience area is related to ESPN! Maybe in 2005.

      • rusoviet

        Hey ‘boyo’ when was the last time College Game Day was at a bel-air tech home game?

        Come on loser – time for you to either fess’ up or drat the ‘woodie’ for all of you to worship…worship worship….next year it’s a mere 40 years since…time to worship…

        • ThaiMex

          So…ESPN is now the measuring stick by which “GREATNESS” is measured? Wasn’t it just a few years ago their KNOW NOTHING NATIONALLY syndicated morning drive guy proclaimed GOATBOY the “Finest Head Coach in College football”????????
          Putin Worshiper!
          fit Un!

      • TrojanFamily

        He is referring to the Stanford game last year.

        Facts. The enemy of the troll.

  • timtrojan

    I heard UCLA is going to have a Webber BBQ on their campus and the 3 people tailgating can leave 3 hours before the game and hope they arrive at Rose Bowl.

    • UCLA Bleauz

      Weber?….. well, that’s an improvement over last years Coleman stove……

  • UCLA Bleauz

    Scotties “favorite” WOULD be some guy bent over in front him snapping the ball……


      hey! that’s Trogan’s job!

  • UCLA Bleauz

    I would pay good money to see Scottie participate in The Extra Point Kick……..Bucket could do like Lucy and yank the ball away from Charlie Brown (aka Wolfman) just before he strikes the ball with his Ronald McDonald shoe adorned foot…….

  • Trogan Fan

    They’re also planning a “Chinese student hold up” square and an “underreport our rape stats” game.

    • rusoviet

      Only a pig leftist ‘glbt’ moron like you would type what you just did you pathetic back end of a mule truly you are what you are – west side limousine limousine liberal – the prototypical elitist govt. SEIU pig

      • SoCal_Native_59

        Hey, why insult pigs?

  • Mr Jenkins

    Mr. Jenkins is particularly pleased to note wine and beer sales as part of the Experience. It’s always been part of Mr. Jenkins’.