Juju Smith, George Farmer Make Big Plays In Practice


USC quarterback Cody Kessler threw a 70-yard TD to Juju Smith and a 60-yard TD to George Farmer during Friday night’s practice.

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  • so, does this mean no more EXCUSES, wolfman???

    or, Quite Honestly, does this mean some acutual PROGESS??


    • timtrojan

      That means you guys are getting nervioso.

      • Helen

        Muy bien Timo

    • TrojanFan3.0

      HURRY!!!….pull the finger!

  • Juju Smith! So proud to be a rabbit! And now a Trojan! This dude is BEAST.


  • Golden Trojan

    Practice, practice, practice, only two weeks till the real thing!

  • Helen

    Are these the same receivers that “experts” stated were a weakness at USC?

    • ProbationU

      It means that either the receivers are as good as originally advertised or your DB’s are still a point of weakness. Once you play a real game the truth will come out.

      • Charlie Bucket


        • ProbationU

          It’s funny that people mock bucket for being on here ALL the time…but a “fake” bucket? That’s even sillier.

  • Farmer and JuJu and Agholor and Adoree and Blackwell and Katrib and Harris and Rogers – Looks like a loaded position group to me!