Mark Sanchez Off To Hot Start

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Former USC QB Mark Sanchez in two preseason games is 18 of 22 (81.8 percent) for 196 yards with two touchdowns and one interception. Matt Barkley’s had less success. Here’s a report card on each of their performances tonight.

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  • Helen

    Scottie: who cares about Sanchez or Barkley? How about reporting on news that ND football is being investigated again (hello Everett Golson) with four players caught for academic cheating. So much for the integrity of the Holy Ones.

  • timtrojan

    Scotty’s world is very narrow, with about 28 subjects, 27 of them will make a UCLA honk hard.

    • Jack B

      So true. The little gutty Trolls love and adore Wolfie. They get each other. Wolfie can’t answer questions about USC (deep ones such as what’s the bear on the building about?) and the Trolls can’t explain (in fact they run from) why ucla hasn’t done jack in football for 60 years. Funny dynamic: the Trolls and Wolfie.

      • UCLA owns LA Football

        And you want like to watch!

      • Sark and the Seven Win Wonders

        That’s funny, especially coming from a program in decline that hasn’t beaten a key rival in three years, and has been routed by its big Bruin brothers two years in a row. Silly little Trojan!


          6-straight losses to STANFORD!!! You expect to win the south, you don’t think Stanford will make it 7-straight? USC is on the rise, despite your farcical views. Something happens to Hundley and UGLY will crash and burn. He’s your whole team.

          • UCLA owns LA Football

            SUCC plays Stanford 9/6 and UCLA will use film of SUCC’s really appalling, ugly Palo Alto loss to prepare for UCLA’s Stanford game 11/28. So lose on SUCC and thanks for the heads up.

          • Charlie Bucket

            the ruins sure used the film to their GREAT ADVANTAGE for the past 6-games!!!!


          • UCLA owns LA Football

            Imitation: is the sincerest form of flattery. You prissy little CS, you don’t have the peas for Bucket’s handle. Skip the prank, and Sally up with your own handle. Even Stinky B., the SUCC mold fungus, uses his own handle.

          • TrojanFan3.0

            FUCING LAME!

            Why do you try so hard, it’s creepy!

          • Tom Oday

            UCLA still using film? WAFI!

        • Jack B

          USC’s been playing Stanford since 1905. They’re a big-time rival whom the Trojans beat just last season. In 2011 (three years ago), USC beat Oregon in Oregon, ND in South Bend and UCLA 50-0. You have lost to the Trojans 12 of the last 15 years moron. The little gutties have never managed, EVER, to beat ND. Both Stanford and Oregon beat you like drum every year. You’re always the Bridesmaids idiot, the team that can’t ever win a conference championship. 46-30. You’ll never catch us. Never. So keep crowing about your baby two year win streak. You have nothing else to cheer about. That’s why they call your the little gutties. Get it.

          • UCLA owns LA Football

            Same song, 8000th verse. Ho Hum.

          • Jack B

            It never gets old Spanky. You and your little two game win streak. Nothing else accomplished in 60 years of ucla football futility. Loser little gutties getting ready to choke again. Yawn on that Bridesmaid worshipper.

          • UCLA owns LA Football

            UCLA 35 – SUCC 14. The Bruins got the Bell and SUCC got humiliated. Tsk, tsk, Stinky B and impossible to ignore or refute.

          • ThaiMex

            Jacky Boy…i think it’s past your nap time. Did you forget to take your medicine (adderall)? Your mom warned all of us that you get a little over excited when you forget to take your pills.
            I can’t wait to hear your long rant/excuse after WEEK #2 with or without the meds.
            fit un!

          • Jack B

            I can’t wait to see Bridesmaid U flop all over again. 46-30. We own you. Always have. Always will. Just one question. Why can’t you ever win the conference, little gutty? How could one team blow it so many times?


          • ProbationU

            Actually the Bruins have a winning record against both Stanford and Oregon. Are we using the entire history or just recent history? It can appear that you go back and forth to spin whatever point you are trying to make.

            And by the way, the OFFICIAL scorecard for the SC – UCLA record is 44-30-7. Not 46.

          • Jack B

            Flip flopper. The little gutties insist that only the last two years are important against SC because you won the games. So now you want to go with entire history against Stanford and Oregon, because you can’t beat them now and have lost at least five straight to each. Well, we’ve won 12 out of 15 against the little gutties. There’s recent history for you. USC has beat ucla 46 times on the field – officially. One of the wins you want to say doesn’t count is the 66-19 kill off. Knock yourself out. I’m counting it as a huge USC win. Don’t much care what you count it as.

          • ProbationU

            You are the flip flopper here. I guess the last 2 years only matter with UCLA V. Stanford and not UCLA v. USC. Take your pick but be consistent.

          • Jack B

            Want to talk consistent? Then you make my point again. ucla is ALWAYS the Bridesmaid. Consistently. It’s either Stanford, Oregon or USC that always has their thumb on you, keeping you from a simple conference championship. You NEVER win. So go ahead. Go all the way back to the Cade years, when once again, you crapped the bed against Miami with your horrible defense. No NCs in 60 years. Consistent Bridesmaids as in Terry Donahue as well. Small bruin ball. Never in the national hunt. 46-30 and that includes 66-19. You’ll never catch us. You’re a reasonable guy Proby. You know I’m right. You’ll never catch us and if you choke again this year, you’ll be a big-time consistent Bridesmaid again. Even Troll idol Wolfie thinks you’re over-rated. It’s that little gutty rep.

          • ProbationU

            JB, it has not been Stanford or Oregon until the last 2 years. In the 8-10 years before that, EVERYONE had their thumb on us! When you use terms like ever and never, well, that’s just not accurate over history. Usually it was SC keeping us out of the Rose Bowl (not Stanford or Oregon). One year we earned the Rose Bowl bid on the field only to have the Rose Bowl committee select SC over UCLA even though UCLA won the game and deserved the bid (Norman Dow).

            However, historically (long-term), the top 3 teams in the conference, in order, have been USC, Washington and UCLA. Oregon was so happy with a coach that finally got them slightly above .500, that they named their field after him (Rich Brooks).

            Regarding vacated wins, we have a difference of opinion. We had our 1980 Final Four vacated and can’t count it. Reggie Bush is no longer a Heisman winner. And SC can’t count vacated wins. However, the numbers may get a little closer vs Notre Dame as the Domers may have to vacate some wins. If you break the rules, you have to pay the price IMHO.

            One interesting fact is that after 66-19, you lost 13-9 and after 50-0 you lost 38-28. If you do win this year, you may want it to be close!

          • Jack B

            As I said, you can count what you want. Irrelevant to me. I was speaking with a coach at length yesterday who’s been on big-time staffs in the SEC, ACC and Pac-10. He says it’s well known in coaching circles that the NCAA was out to get USC and try to hurt the school simply to knock it down. Some of the penalty had absolutely nothing to do with wrongdoing according to this coach. What I’m counting is 12 out of 15 with two straight losses. Historically, USC has always been tops in the the conference. We have such a huge lead, we will never be caught. The Trojans will always be top dog. As far as winning this year’s game, I have my doubts. You’ll be favored by at least seven and will probably win by ten or more. Injuries are gonna hurt our depth too much. But in 2015, we’ll have the numbers we need to win again at home. As far as 66-19 and 50-0 go, I wouldn’t trade ’em for anything. The next year’s games were what makes the sport great and unpredictable. USC simply stunk up the place (13-9) and ran into a Mora buzzsaw (38-28). Now we’ll find out if Mora can really win a big game when it’s all on the line. So far, he hasn’t been able to do it. I think your D will really suffer from the loss of Bar, Zumwalt and Marsh and if Hundley leads ucla in rushing again, you won’t win the conference yet again.

          • ProbationU

            I think our D will be strong…but isn’t everybody GREAT in preseason? I am more concerned about Hundley being able to read a defense and hit the 2nd or 3rd receiver…when he is playing Stanford or Oregon. In fairness to him, he hasn’t had the benefit of a great O-line yet. If we had SC’s running backs we would be unbeatable. We need to find one. We missed out on Joe Mixon but it turns out we didn’t miss anything…he is already in trouble.

            I don’t think the lead is too big to be caught…but if or when it happens, neither one of us will be around to see it. It is nice to see us competitive again and now Mora needs to prove that he can get it done against Stanford and Oregon. We have them both at home, so the opportunity to pull it off has never been better. And, we may get 2 shots at one of them.

            As for 2015, it’s a ways off. We lose Hundley but we also have a lot of talent on the roster. QB will be a big question mark and Kessler should be doing well in the new system by then. He seems like a decent kid. Humble but confident. Always thought of Barkley as phony and arrogant and heard as much from some SC friends of mine. I hope Sanchez beats him out, although the fumble and the pick in that game weren’t his fault at all.

    • UCLA owns LA Football

      Honk, honk, softly.

  • UCLA Bleauz

    Gee….look, Scottie. …a detailed report card with grades other than euros. ….

  • UCLA owns LA Football

    Very bad news for Matt Barkely. I smell cut city for Matt.

    • TrojanFan3.0

      How about all the ruins playing QB in the NFL…..haha!

      O’wait!….wrong team!


    Good for Mark. Hopefully MB will eventually get to a team with an offense more in-line with his strengths. Fight on!

    • UCLA owns LA Football

      Next M. Barkley stop, Arena football.

  • TrojanFamily

    Yeah damn him for humanitarian work!


    • …HEY!

      • TrojanFan3.0

        …..last chance to pull the finger before I give gotroy the opportunity

  • rusoviet

    The tide has turned for Sanchez – he’s in the most monitored division in all the NFL the NFC East. He’s also on a squad that finished well last year w.o. anything to show in post-season.
    He has a better head coach in Kelly and will have a return to the Meadowlands to face the NYG the last game of the regular season.
    Cassell’s w. MN as Palmer w. AZ and Barkley on the bench w. PHI
    Per USC – Stanford looks spent regardless of Shaw’s downplaying of their skillset – Kessler is ramping up his ability w. the hurry up offense and the receivers are all getting their share of attempts.
    As noted the real issue is the offensive front line.

    • TrojanFan3.0

      Go to max-protect and we should be fine.

  • the Pious Passer is now so irrelevant and kaput, it’s ALMOST not worth the time to slam his HORRIBLE play! BUT….he must have by far the highest percentage of turnovers/possessions in the history of the football!!!

    and he’s just getting WARMED UP!!!


    • TrojanFan3.0

      But yet, you make pennies compared to his salary.

      PS….Five Guys needs you to do some dirty work….ouch!!!!

  • TrojanFan3.0

    …..and all your experience painting basement walls might land you a real job

    It must suck to be you……9 mm?