USC Morning Buzz: More Scrimmage Thoughts


Here’s a couple more things that happened at Wednesday night’s scrimmage:

Tailback Justin Davis (above) was the top back and offers a quicker running style than starter Javorius Allen or Tre Madden. Davis’ biggest challenge will be to stay healthy after he broke his ankle last season.

Offensive lineman Aundrey Walker needs to escape the doghouse. Walker’s slower-than-anticipated recovery from a fractured ankle has frustrated the coaching staff and he wore a yellow no-contact jersey during the scrimmage, which is almost unheard of for a linemen. It could have been a way to motivate him.

Some additional thoughts here

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  • john wolcott

    Sounds as if our boy was actually present.

    Either that, or Scott has an underling who takes good notes

    I like the speedier Davis for this type of offense, because Sark has built it for speed. Put the big boys in when Troy needs 3 yards.

    • UCLA Bleauz

      True, but if the big boys are able to catch the ball coming out of the backfield,then I really like their odds for getting decent YAC, especially when the bulldoze over some of the corners and safeties……

    • Larry Harris

      Davis was my favorite RB last year. Nothing has changed. His YPC (6.8) topped all rushers. Also had very high hopes for Issac, but that dog unfortunately, don’t hunt no mo’ for us.

  • Why is Sark riding this poor Walker kid??? Ripping him in the press, now making him wear the equivalent of a pink dress on the field?? Can a big guy have a little time to recover from a fx ankle with hardware insertion??

    Thus is so egregious, it actually bugs a Bruin! Keep on the case, Wolfman!!


    • UCLA Bleauz

      Maybe Walker will apply for a redskirt, I mean redshirt, year…..

    • TrojanFamily

      Oh? Which Bruin? You know one?

      • Larry Harris

        How about the mouthy one who believes Audrey to be a LT?

    • Giovanni

      You’re right, as always. Aundrey should be given ‘a little time’ to recover. Now, what constitutes ‘a little’? Will 9 months do?

      • hey he’s enormous. 350 lbs crashing down on that ankle with pins and screws in it…..takes some time (maybe he has a low pain threshold)….remember it took Woods two years to get right after his ankle injury and he was a buck-75 and he only had arthroscopic surgery as i recall.

        • Giovanni

          On to a new and different point, I see. But you’re right again. Aundrey’s sure to take a LOT more than ‘a little’ time to come back [That’s two contradictory observations about what’s going on —want to try for a third? We’re all listening].

      • UCLA owns LA Football

        Thank you Dr. Giovanni.

        • Giovanni

          This whole thing about ‘a little time’ is more a definitional matter than a medical matter—but you’re welcome and that will be $300.

          • UCLA owns LA Football

            Bill me.

    • UCLA Bleauz

      Coloring between the lines bugs a Bruin…….

    • UCLA owns LA Football

      SUCC’s p-poor scrimmage is all Walker’s fault. Doesn’t SUCC have another LT? Poor SUCC! I mean it’s so much easier for Sark/SUCC to blame (making more excuses!) a teenager with a “dinged” ankle for SUCC’s ugly scrimmage performance than start another LT.

      • He is now CONSTANTLY talking about the LOW NUMBERS!!!!

        for someone who is not making excuses, that’s all we HEAR from El Siete (quite honestly)

        • Larry Harris

          Yesterday’s news. Have you not been made aware of Predictionmachine? It is now ‘El Ocho’!

        • Mike 70

          thank you thai/beaner.

  • David Keeling

    Riding poor Andre Walker… are you kidding me man? We have been waiting the last 2 years for Andre to take ownership in his ability & breakout performance as the starting left tackle. “Poor” Andre has more illegal procedure penalties than all the other O-line starters put together these past 2-years. He has also had more than his fair share of holding calls also. This man has all the features to be a monster tackle if he would push himself. Maybe this “riding” isn’t so much about Andre’s injury as it is his attitude??? You think

    • UCLA Bleauz

      Walker moves like a freaking glacier…… his footwork and work ethic are atrocious…..he’d better act with a strong sense of urgency like NOW!

    • Larry Harris

      I don’t doubt that you are correct, but would you be so kind as to give us a link to the stats? All I am aware of is that we committed 100 in ’12 and 95 in ’13…give or take. It would be quite informative to know the actual player breakdown.