Where’s The Team, Part II

FSU.PHOTOFlorida State, the defending national champions, took its team photo that included the team. As you can clearly see. But somewhere in this mass of white-shirted staffers is a 2014 USC football team.

2014 USC Football Team Photo Day. #Fighton

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  • you’re right wolfman, this team photo is EMBARASSING!!

    first, it’s rediculous that there are so many asst coaches etc.

    SECOND, it’s dumb that the coaches hog up the center of the photo!! who took the picture, El Siete’s wife??

    wolfman, YOU are the only reporter with the GUTS to point out the IDIOCY of the O’Hadden Administration!!!


    • Count YoBuck

      Fuckink brilliant!

    • This is admittedly funny- and I too have high hopes the brewins can do something good this year for the first time since beban, buuut doubt it…

      • a rising tide lifts all BOATS!!!

      • Sark and the Seven Win Wonders

        Keep wishin’ upon a star, gutty little Trojan. One day, SC will once again be relevant. But not this year. By the way, we may let your band open for us, if you can prove you can actually sing.

        • UCLA owns LA Football

          The B-Street Band, a cover Band, works real cheap – like for food and a bus ride.

    • Ray Reyes

      Have to agree with you Willie Wonka that this is embarrassing.

      • UCLA owns LA Football

        SUCC the FB program, what a joke.

        • Ray Reyes

          I was messaging Charlie, he’s a cool adversary, YOU are not.

          • UCLA owns LA Football

            That means I’m doing my job.

          • Ray Reyes

            Not really. You are just being an a-hole. Go to Wang’s site.

        • Ray Reyes

          All of a sudden, UCLA beats us twice, and they think they are owed big things. LOLOLOL.

  • Helen

    So the point is wearing more red shirts than white shirts will championships? Or having a smaller coaching staff will win championships?

    From someone who hasn’t mastered a Brownie camera, I wouldn’t be judging others’ photos.

  • Buzz

    It is a very odd picture the likes of which I don’t remember ever having seen before. They must not have realized how it would appear to people but some would say that they have their priorities wrong.

  • Pappy Anderson

    The optics in the photo are bad, however if you look at the full FSU photo and count their staff scattered in the photo they probably have a similar number of staff members.

  • Golden Trojan

    Hey genius’, these aren’t just coaches and players! Trainers equipment staff down to the water boy. Ye who are last shall be first, ye are the servants shall be the master. The ball girl is in the front row the star RB is in the back, sets a tone for the team. Nobody is better than the rest!

  • WEB_Dupree

    If you look closely at the FSU photo, a certain somebody is eating crab legs.