USC Quarterback Cody Kessler On Escaping Knee Injury

Here’s Cody Kessler talking about almost suffering a knee injury during the Coliseum scrimmage. Video/Reid Silverman

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  • NotAFanOfYou

    Vertical Video Syndrome…Fail

  • Jim Mora and the B-Street Band

    Wolfy, we know you filmed that vid and you are trying to pass the blame on to RSilverman – it’s got your distinctive paw prints all over it! The extended elbow and ground shots followed by an abrupt ending right in the middle of a sentance. Why are you trying to ruin that poor girl’s career?


      Not to mention filming the video vertically.

  • Charlie Bucket

    Take a KNEE, wolfman, i GOT THIS!!!

    iiiiiiis it TRUE, Pat O’Haden, who was appointed to the NCAA Football Playoff committee, was RECUSED, RECUSED, from voting for his vaunted trOXans in the playoff selection ballot???

    only ONE other member was also recused….Condasleeza Rice (war criminal) who is now employed by Stanford!!!

    now what going ON down there???


    • Mike 70

      War criminal? What a fool!

      • Charlie Bucket

        hmmm, well her LIES led to the deaths of over a HUNDRED THOUSAND Iraqis as well as thousands of American troops and eventually destabilized a self contained, SECULAR country that was no threat to any one, except Iran who they kept in check.

        if that’s not crime, i don’t know WHAT IS!!!


      • UCLA owns LA Football

        Mlikey, you Brown Shirt, give me a Seig Heil. How many of your progeny came home dead from Iraq? I forgot, Bonobos are 4F aren’t they Mikey.

    • Toejam For Life

      I don’t see why because there will no need to select a 4-8 team!