Coliseum Scrimmage Recap

The playcalling was more conservative tonight, which accounts for the lower passing stats. Cody Kessler was extremely efficient. Max Browne struggled at times while Jalen Greene tried to force some passes but also made a decent debut.

The trouble spot was 14 penalties, which means 29 in two scrimmages. Steve Sarkisian told the team in a meeting today he wanted fewer penalties. There will be a lot of talk on the Internet about Adoree Jackson and Juju Smith’s long kickoff returns. It should be noted the defense on those plays was hardly “game” effort. But it did show their explosiveness.

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  • timtrojan

    It should also be noted that everything Scotty does needs a large turd so the closet Trojan fans can’t get their panties in a bunch. When something works don’t change a thing.

    • UCLA owns LA Football

      Que the Violins for timmy.

    • B.Miller


  • john wolcott

    As far as Smith and Jackson going all the way it should be tempered with the fact that they were going up against less than two-deep players.

    I recall Reggie Bush faking out a scrub so badly in a scrimmage that it looked as if we were watching a cartoon.

    That said, I will be happy when the blabbering posters have something to really sink their teeth into– the commencement of the season.