USC Morning Buzz: Even More On Coliseum Scrimmage

Steve Sarkisian told the team during a Monday morning to cut down on penalties and the Trojans complied with 14 instead of last week’s 15.

“That’s been our main concern, the penalties,” tight end Randall Telfer said. “Those are self-inflicted wounds. A lot of them are from the second and third group, young guys being nervous at the Coliseum.”

Full story here

Later today, I’ll have a detailed account of what happened with safety Su’a Cravens.

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  • UCLA Bleauz

    “Su’a Cravens said he weighed 239 pounds before training camp started but now weighs 219 after contracting strep throat.”….. Hmmmm…… perhaps SCOTTIE may want to contract strep throat….. he could stand to lose a few LB’s…………

    • this is none of my business, but i saw Su’a going to Five Guys with the wolfman…..i think he may also be a victim of the misleading “large Fries” order which is designed to feed 4-5 people!!

      but great news! i saw that now Five Guys has a “Little” order of fries, which is probably still a Large portion anywhere else, but i think this will still cut 15-20,000 calories out of the wolfman’s caloric intake for the week!!


    • B.Miller

      Never heard of a diet Burger at Five Guys.. So I doubt losing weight for Wolf is possible

  • Trogan Fan

    Did they discuss how Rivals dropped Ricky Town 40 spots in their most recent rankings? Haha, SC reaching for the stars! 3 stars, that is!

    • UCLA owns LA Football

      Bleauz has been known to effortlessly exaggerate from time to time.

      • Ray Reyes

        And you two idiots have been known to TROLL all the time!

        • UCLA owns LA Football

          Rea-Rea you are so sharp.

  • Nigel Tottenham

    Wise booster, if you see this post, please respond! Whilst engaged in research in the Philosophy Library, I chanced upon a dusty volume of “Der Grassenkutter”, Johann Lonmoher’s treatise on ancient solstice rituals, and as I pulled the book from the shelf, out fell a gold ring. I can’t say just why, but I slipped it into my pocket.

    Walking home on Trousdale, a bit past midnight, I examined the ring in the lamplight, just as a thick mist gathered with a most unnatural suddenness. I couldn’t see more than a few yards in any direction in the fog, but then headlights rushed toward me! I leaped to my left as a rather antique car sped past – with a vertical grill, running boards – a Packard, perhaps? I looked down and saw that I was standing in a street, but I had been in the center of campus mere seconds before! And indeed, there I still was – I could see old Bovard before me in the grey mist. “Nice ring,” a woman said, and from the darkness of the portico Clara stepped forth. Wise booster, have you encountered her yourself?

  • OMG!! this team is tearing itself apart!!

    the Agin’ Cajun was able to bring everyone TOGETHER!!!

    El Siete is pitting the players AGIN’ each other!!! first, he rips players in the press, then he embarasses Walker by making him wear a “Pink Dress” in practice, then he leaks the story about bringing in Clairborne to “give a talking to” to Cravens….is there any SURPRISE that Telfer is slamming his fellow players in the press calling them scared chickens???

    maybe Telfer can tell us if he was scared and nervous when he dropped all those passes his whole career at Southern Cal, including some perfect passes to him while he was wide open last season!!!

    this is going in a disastrous DIRECTION!!!


    • UCLA Bleauz

      … says the Chicken Little of this blog…….

  • UCLA owns LA Football

    According to Sal, the porcine SUCC insider, SUCC fat cat insiders have been attending UCLA practice at Cal State San Bernardino. I have to assume the SUCC fat cats wanted to see what a really good Pac-12 team looks like.