What About Lamar Dawson?


Linebacker Lamar Dawson’s been a starter since his freshmen year but his training camp is spent mainly on the sidelines as he comes back from last season’s knee injury against Notre Dame. Torn knee ligaments are something that affect not only Dawson but offensive lineman Jordan Simmons and wide receiver Steve Mitchell.

USC coach Steve Sarkisian admitted Mitchell’s been hindered in camp by his knee injury, which is disappointing because it’s been more than a year since he tore knee ligaments.

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  • Buzz

    ACL injuries are not that easy to come back from. You have the physical but you also have the mental which may be the hardest part to overcome. It is not that hard to reinjure.

    • UCLA Bleauz

      It is for Scottie, since no one will speak with him….

      • Sally Cushing

        The insiders figure it’s only a matter of time until Reid replaces him. Talk about creating your own destiny, classic.

  • B.Miller


    • UCLA Bleauz

      Good news, but it also shows how fickle and easily manipulated the star ratings can be….

      • Sally Cushing

        Additional good news, it also shows how fickle and easily manipulated the trolls (little snots) can be.

    • UCLA owns LA Football

      Base on what BM – the whims of people like you. The players you mention haven’t yet signed with SUCC, and that is likely to change after the year Sark/SUCC is about to experience.

      • B.Miller

        Do not act like you didn’t already know they jumped up.. to 4 stars.. #ClosetSCfan.. Its the reason you come here.. to read up on everything SC!
        So you are welcome!

        • UCLA owns LA Football

          Trust me BM, my comments are strictly based on the thread you provided.

          • B.Miller

            your welcome for the update anyway

    • Trogan Fan

      funny you don’t mention Town slipping 40, yes 40! spots. LOL.

      • B.Miller

        So.. I believe he’s a 4 or 5 star depending on the website.. So Im ok with it..
        Thanks for the USC update though.. Way to keep up on USC recruits!

  • UCLA Bleauz

    Two things:

    Garry P. has a live online chat today @ 2pm at WEareSC dot com

    There is a new “troll free” USC blog on the LA TImes website, but it requires registering…..

  • Independent_George

    Why is it disappointing that recovery after tearing a ligament is slow, painful and never “100%”?

    Knee surgery is difficult to come back from. For many, it is physically impossible to return to the way you were before the surgery. Ask Derrick Rose or Ed O’Bannon or DJ Morgan.

    Tragic? Maybe. Disappointing? No.

    • UCLA Bleauz

      Wolfie has a difficult time coming back from a hang nail…..Tragic……

      • Independent_George

        Wolfie is slamming a player who is having trouble coming back from an ACL tear.

        But ACLs are very hard to come back from.

        Wolfie is insinuating that the coaches are “playing favorites” by promoting some freshmen OL over others.

        Even though these three freshmen are interior linemen, where it is easier to hide mistakes, as opposed to tackle, where there is often no one there to bail you out.

        It is “sad”, or “a shame” that Dawson’s career might be in jeopardy because of an ACL tear. It is par for the course that Chris Brown is, after two weeks of camp. is not on the two deep at tackle.

        What is disappointing is that after what, 15 years of covering USC football, that Scottie knows so little about the game.

        • UCLA Bleauz

          I’m very familiar with Wolfies selective logic…..he is the master of making inflammatory remarks disguised as innocent analysis……and Chris Brown’s current position on the depth chart is not at all surprising…..

  • slamming another “malingering” player in the press…..nice, El Siete.


  • UCLA Bleauz

    This just in from Garry P.’s chat:

    S. Wolf (Five Guys)

    Any update on Lamar Dawson?… would it make any sense for him to red shirt?

    Garry Paskwietz

    (5:34 PM)

    Lamar has been on the sidelines throughout camp and if it goes on much longer I think the possibility of redshirting does enter the picture.

  • Sally Cushing

    This post appears to have been written by Reid, as it is intelligent and to the point with no references to Nike, CLK, nor the Baby Quarterback. Additionally there are no inferences that the knee injuries resulted from PSL, parking, the location of the band, nor the configuration of the seating. I challenge the Trolls to respond.

    • I like Reid, but let’s face it, in these videos she mostly just sits in utter star-struck awe of the wolfman….and who can blame her??

      she is definitely a future prospect for some job in the Sports Entertainment/Reporting field, given she is studying at the feet of the all time Master!!

      but to say she is ready to replace the wolfman now, would be like saying an usher is now taking over for Leonard Bernstein as conductor the NY Philharmonic!!!