Bryce Dixon Bulks Up

Tight end Bryce Dixon said he has gone from 215 pounds in high school to 241 at USC. He carries the weight well and will probably get even bigger but the fact he went to St. Bonaventure brings to mind the saga of Whitney Lewis, the St. Bonnie grad who went from 200 pounds to 240 when he showed up at USC.

Lewis never regained the speed he had in high school and tried tailback before transferring to Northern Iowa. He was considered the top prep wide receiver in the nation before he bulked up.

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  • John Gonzales

    Scott, you’ll contort just about anything to create a fake controversy, won’t you?

    Lewis came in as a 6’1” wide receiver, so moving up to 240 lbs. was obviously not good. Dixon comes in as a 6’4” TE, so moving up to 241 lbs. is obviously good, and necessary.

    They went to the same high school. So what?

    At least you have the decency to point out Dixon carries the weight well. But how hard would have it been just to report the facts without the snarky twist?

    • SoCal_Native_59

      Impossible for wolfbag. He has no connections inside the program and must make up issues. If Dixon had stayed at 215 scooter would rave about how he doesn’t have the requisite size for a D1 TE.

    • Sally Cushing

      Probably impossible, because SW has a negative attitude and lacks good judgment. He has no awareness about what has occurred. He has been banished by the herd, no pun intended, he has become toxic and he has been exiled to a remote part of the pasture. His place is now behind Sark, while his competitors for the news control the Q&A. You cannot make eye contact with Sark and ask him questions from the rear, you may as well be in Pasadena. SW has offended and continues to offend the very people that would otherwise make it possible for him to have a highly successful career as a sports reporter in Los Angeles covering the most prestigious brand in college football. You don’t have to be a “homer.” You can offer constructive criticism. Charlie, who says he loves you like a brother, cannot save you, if going to happen you will need to do that for yourself. Can you smell the coffee?

      • Jack B

        I like this part, “…he has been exiled to a remote part of the pasture. His place is now behind Sark…

        It’s Wolfie’s Badge of Honor, facing Sark’s back. He’s out there staring down at his own bulbous gut, furiously thinking to himself, “Can I make this into a blog post?”

      • ThaiMex

        Sally Baby…I’m smelling something but it isn’t Coffee. There are two things that smell like fish…and one of them is fish.
        fit Un!

        • TrojanFan3.0

          Keep the legs closed!

        • TrojanFamily

          The other is you, Bucketdouche

        • B.Miller

          Stay classy Lame

      • UCLA owns LA Football

        Fetch the bone, Sal.

    • UCLA owns LA Football

      It’s called compare and contrast journalism. A 6’4″ 215 lb. receiver in full pads will generally run a 40 yd. sprint faster than a 6’4″ 241 lb. receiver in full pads, and is much harder to defend when isolated against a heavier LB’er.

      • Spud

        UCLA owns LA Football….great name…you have a couple of good seasons after getting owned by SC for more than a decade

      • B.Miller

        He’s a TE.. not a wideout.. Name a TE that weights 215 at 6’4..
        Gees you Lames come here and try to make sense of Wolf’s “compare and contrast journalism”
        Compare TE to TE, not WR to TE!

  • B.Miller

    Wolf your an idiot.. Not sure how either player relates…
    6’1 WR and 6’4 TE … adding weight..
    Dixon did not sign with USC to play WR.. stupid!

    • Trogan Fan

      haha, “your” an idiot! Classic Trogan stuff!

      And we all know that St. Bonnie kids tend to fall flat in college. It’s hardly a secret.

      • timtrojan

        Just butt hurt cause he didn’t choose the baby blue

      • B.Miller

        More grammar lesson from professor Lame!
        roll over, let daddy rub your tummy.. Ill give you all the attention you need..

    • Trogan Fan

      haha, “your” an idiot! Classic Trogan stuff!

      And we all know that St. Bonnie kids tend to fall flat in college. It’s hardly a secret.

  • Toejam For Life

    Both went to the Ting Brothers for 7 days with a couple 2-day followups!
    Clear On!

  • Arturo

    There is this sorry beat writer from smallville who loves SC but lacks writing skills and doesn’t have access to anything or anyone meaningful in the program. Conclusion:

  • anno nimus

    Sarkisian learned very well the art of juicing up his players , no wonder some of you continue to be in love with cheaty petey