Freshmen Influencing Depth Chart

Adoree Jackson and Juju Smith (above) are just two of the true freshmen making an impact. Toa Lobendahn and Damien Mama look like they will start on the offensive line while Ajene Harris starts at slot back. Here’s my story on the freshmen class making an immediate impact:

“It already looks like one of (Lane) Kiffin’s fears — that the recruiting class would not be up to USC’s usual standards because of doubts about his future — will not be realized.”

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  • wolfman, you KNOW i love you like a BROTHER, but we BOTH know starting a true freshman, and the true freshman ACTUALLY PERFORMING are two VERY different things!!!

    i don’t see no Myles Jacks on the trOXan team…..or do you think a trOXan can be both Pac 12 OFFENSIVE AND DEFENSIVE PLAYER OF THE YEAR??????


    • Helen

      Let’s not get ahead of ourselves Chuckie. Although your comment about starting and performing is spot on, Jack was Pac-12 Freshman Offensive and Defensive Player of the Year – with the emphasis on Freshman. My guess is there are <15 starting freshman in any given year so the Jack's odds of winning were already pretty high.

      • ThaiMex

        Question: You’ve got about 5 Freshmen who could/will start at $C this year…so…Who’s gonna win the award this Year?
        Answer: None of them!
        Helen, baby….sorry but I gotta ask….Does the carpet match the drapes? I think I’m going to vomit!
        fit Un!

        • TrojanFamily

          I know who wins the award for the douchiest douche.


  • Big Bang Wang is reporting Denzel Washington stopped by practice to meet the guys and screen his new blockbuster flick the Equalizer!!!

    talk about STAR POWER!!!! i hear wolfman and Reid sped over to Westwood to hob-nob with the STARS!!!!

    you low life trOXans can wait and see the movie in Westwood with the rest of the 99%’ers…..OMG i’m channeling NUBSIE!!!!!


    • UCLA Bleauz

      The Equalizer?……. Scottie is hoping that it’s a movie about soccer……errrrr…. futbol…….

      • Jack B

        Wolfie would love a flick called The Equalizer. He’s always trying to bring everyone down to his size, ability, talent, etc.

    • UCLA Bleauz

      Well, if it isn’t the president of the Wang Gang……

    • My favorite sUcla alum is Steve Urkel

      “If you want to do the Steve Urkel dance,
      All you have to do is hitch up your pants,
      Bend your knees, and stick out your pelvis;
      (I’m telling you, baby, it’s better than Elvis!)”.

      He should be the sUcla mascot!

      Cha cha cha chortle…


    • Tom Oday


  • UCLA Bleauz

    Wolfie, Wolfie, Wolfie….. was it really necessary to take yet another dig at Kiffin in the closing paragraph of your article?…..of course, it was….. it’s Scott Wolf at his “finest”…….

  • john wolcott

    5 freshmen on the starting 11


  • Beto Torrealba

    Lane Kiffin is a better football coach than Scott Wolf is a writer, and it ain’t even close. FACT!!!

  • rusoviet

    It is worth quoting if only to note Pat Haden’s prudent move that horrible evening in Tempe-AZ per the defeat by AZ St.. Haden, on the field, was seeing and hearing the growing despair in the eyes and voices of the players and coaches. Haden made note of the impact this was going to have on recruiting moving forward if Kiffin stayed on as head coach.

    “If” Kiffin did make that statement it speaks volumes of his own awareness of how inept his coaching skill was i.e. Kiffin knew this was his own doing and al the more reason to sack him.

    Great job by Orgeron in giving the players that Kiffin would not play a chance to play and on Sark in ramping up this year’s class for USC.

  • Helen

    Scottie: that’s a pretty lame comment about Kiffin. Kiffin left early in the season and then recruits expressed interest in USC when Orgeron was in charge and cemented their decision when Sark came onboard. Any doubts about Kiffin not being here in 2014 were addressed early when Haden fired Kiffin. So give Sark and his team some credit for pulling this class together (and Haden for making this a non-factor).

  • Sark and the Seven Win Wonders

    Well, if you are talking about present “usual standards,” then things are on course for pUSC’s normal middle-of-the-pac finish. If you are talking pre-Kiffin usual standards (a la Carroll), then there’s a loooong way to go.