USC Morning Buzz: Rick Neuheisel Analyzes Trojans

Pac-12 Network analyst Rick Neuheisel was at USC practice yesterday and gave some opinions on the Trojans. One concern is how the new no-huddle offense will work.

“(Former Washington quarterback) Keith Price made a ton of plays getting out of trouble,” Neuheisel said. “Can Cody (Kessler) do that?”

Full story here

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  • Trogan Fan

    Even NOBS knows the answer is no.

    • if he had the GUTS to show his pig-eyed racist face….which he does NOT!!!

      or will this challenge bring him out of hiding to risk certain DOOM????


  • Helen

    Note to Neuheisal (and Scottie): running a no-huddle doesn’t mean the QB needs to improvise and scramble for his life. You don’t “get in trouble” if the offense executes as they are taught.

    • SoCal_Native_59

      The key will be getting the ball out fast. He need to find the open man and get it out. This is not a spead offense, Cody doesn’t have to run. In fact he needs to stay in the pocket and go through his progressions. Price ran at the first sign of trouble, when he had open receivers; he just didn’t see the open man.

    • UCLA owns LA Football

      CK will get maybe 3 – 5 seconds to read and chuck if the SUCC O-Line actually functions. Otherwise Red, CK will need to improvise and scramble – putting him at greater proximity to game missing injuries.

    • Trogan Fan

      Siete was the coach at UW, where their QB was forced to scramble often, so, yeah, good point.

      • Sark and the Seven Win Wonders

        Siete. Funny. Also, how did that work out for him? a sub-.500 record.

    • Sark and the Seven Win Wonders

      Hundley was one of the most-sacked QBs in the nation last year because of the inexperience and injuries on UCLA’s front line (at one point, the Bruins started three true freshmen on the OL). Yet, the O worked because when things broke down, Hundley could RUN. The only way this works for a pocket passer is for the line to be a steel wall, not a plastic sheet.

      • Helen

        I guess he didn’t run far if he was sacked so often.

        • Sark and the Seven Win Wonders

          That’s funny. I guess you weren’t at the last two UCLA-pUSC games where he humiliated your hapless defense with his feet. 80 yards and 2 TDs on the ground in last year’s beatdown. 750 yards rushing last year, with a 4.7 YPC. Gutty little Trojan–so silly!

  • somebody PUNCH me, i mean, PINCH me, cause i must be DREAMING!!!

    STELLAR analysis by both Neu-Hassle AND the wolfman!!!!
    and if NIGEL shows up, i’ll REALLY start to get all TINGLY!!!!

    my two FAVS, both weighing in on how much TROUBLE the trOXans are in for….but this is EXACTLY what the CADRE has been pointing out!!!

    slow footed QB, green out of shape lineman, sloppy execution, all running a hurry up chuck and duck offense???

    my Prediction: PAAAAAAAAIN!!!!!!


    • Sally Cushing

      You really do need to broaden your sources of information, in fact your entire game could use an upgrade, if you were paying attention you would know that the insiders are saying that UCLA is a flat team and the stars will not be able to carry the load. We’ve heard the UCLA coaching staff is sufficiently concerned about the situation that they are not only burning the midnight oil in San Bernardino, but they have reached out to their NFL colleagues for suggestions.

      Insiders say UCLA may start 2 – 2, go to 4 – 4, and finish the season at 6 – 6, adding that UCLA would probably lose their opener, if it were being played this Saturday.

      • Toejam For Life

        Drunk at noon is no way to go through life…

      • Sark and the Seven Win Wonders

        Sally, there’s a pro-Russian separatist brigade pinned down in Donetsk who could really use your propaganda skills right now. Victory to the Motherland! Your fantasyland posts are cute!

      • ThaiMex

        Sal….did you study “UNDER” Carl Rove?
        fit Un!

  • UCLA Bleauz

    Stellar “analysis” by Mr. Punting is Winning………..

    • B.Miller

      Why is he even an analyst?

  • john wolcott

    Cody wants to be a pro, and he knows he will not get there with his feet. So watch him work out of the pocket, and with all of SC’s great receivers Troy will be able to run, fly and run some more.