Steve Sarkisian On Redshirts

"0810_SPO_LDN-L-USC-PRACTICE-DC"USC coach Steve Sarkisian said today he thinks 11 true freshmen will play while seven will redshirt. That could change depending on injuries but that is his current projection.

If we had to guess, the seven redshirt candidates are offensive lineman Chris Brown, offensive lineman Jordan Austin (injured), defensive end Don Hill, quarterback Jalen Greene, defensive end Malik Dorton, linebacker Uchenna Nwosu and wide receiver Rahshead Johnson.

Of course this could change next week if someone has a great week of practice.

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  • Charlie Bucket

    wolfman….(chortle) did you hear (snicker)…..that Sark is Trademarking his (guffaw) name?????


    the Cadre already trademarked “El Siete” along with “Classy Cadre”, “the wolfman” (small w) “Dummies” (capital D) “Nubsie” and “Pig-Eyed Racist” (with a picture of You Know WHO)


  • Ben Factor

    Scott, from someone who DOES appreciate many of your observations and scuttlebutt, some of Sark’s remarks (often in response to questions) are not enhanced by reporter commentary.