• Ted

    Boy! that Mama is one big dude. He better lose some weight…I don’t know how he is gonna be able to pull and get out in front of the tailbacks on the student body plays.

    • UCLA owns LA Football

      I second you motion – Oxygen deprivation may rear its ugly effect on Mama’s body.


        WOW! You’re still here.

        • UCLA owns LA Football

          Cheeky repartee.

    • Trogan Fan

      The heaviest guy to play a game in the NFL last year was 359 lbs. No way he’s a factor for SC until he loses at least 30 more.

  • rusoviet

    Since the other site is clogged with comments on past BCS games played by USC et. al. – on the Dari and Mel show this morning (23rd August 2014) heard locally here until 7:00 am PDT on KSPN 710 AM, Just before they changed over to Dr. Clapper and his love affair with ‘kobeee’- Kiper had UCLA as one of the four teams to get to the two bowl elimination round.

    Dari then gave his four and boom he’s picking USC as one of the four for the first round.

    • UCLA owns LA Football

      Otis, Dari is a shill for 710 AM Radio, SUCC’s Bidness and Broadcast partner. Dari’s clumsy SUCC playoff prognostication is nothing more than a paid SUCC Athletic Dept. advertisement. SUCC is no better than 7 – 5 with its cupcake schedule.

      • Porsche018

        I will bet you any amount of money you want that USC will win at least 8 games (since your think 7 wins is the maximum). Do you want to bet and put your money where your mouth is?

        • UCLA owns LA Football

          I’ve got a spare $20 million lying around. I guess free speech is no longer gratis on Wolf’s blog. SUCC Rah-Rah’s are so pugnacious. What’s your proposition Yugo 086.

          • OMG…”Porche” as a handle?? what is this guy an 11th grader from 1977???

            back then, Porsche’s were semi-cool but even then half of them had Volkswagon engines!!! HAWR-HAWR!!

            what’s his other nickname, Cruiser, cause he likes fast cars and fast women???


            “PORCHE” HAWR!!!!!!


  • Arturo

    At least as far as potential, the line looks AWESoME! Sark said 8 would play, so Talamaivoa, Rodgers, and Simmons are gonna wear down defenses.