Josh Shaw Update

According to sources, USC was contacted by at least one source and told Josh Shaw’s injury did not involve saving his nephew from a swimming pool and may not have even occurred in Palmdale.

USC is investigating these claims. Sources said USC was told the incident happened in Los Angeles and Shaw’s family was not involved.

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  • B.Miller

    Is this another Manti Teo Story?

    • not even close…..Manti was a “victim”….Shaw is more of a……stay tuned…


      • B.Miller

        Rumor is that Mora called USC stirring up the pot because NO ONE is talking about UCLA

        • Trogan Fan

          except you. And ESPN. And everyone else covering LA football.

        • IIWIICUB

          members of the national media from espn to fox sports to SI have all mentioned ucla at playoff candidates. hundley has two SI covers in the last couple months. please try harder.

          • Two out of three at ESPN Game Day pick UCLA over FSU in the National Championship and Hundley for the Heisman.

            Of course, everything will be decided on the field, but it’s not true that “NO ONE is talking about UCLA.”

          • B.Miller

            hysterical.. try harder.. the season hasnt started yet and you UCLA Lames think hundley is going to actually win something.. BWAHHH! now that is funny!

      • Helen

        Manti wasn’t a victim, he continued to tell the story after he knew the facts because he saw it was good for his career.

      • Helen

        Manti wasn’t a victim, he continued to tell the story after he knew the facts because he saw it was good for his career.

        • UCLA Bleauz

          In Buckets world, EVERYONE is a victim……nobody seems to take personal responsibility anymore…..

          • worrry about Shaw, Mr Responsibility.

            if any of this is a lie, i GUARANTEE he will be dismissed from the Football Program…..

            So let it be Written,
            So let it be DONE.


          • UCLA Bleauz

            Dismissed for lying?…. he may as well have stolen some crab legs or knocked around some innocent, defenseless, petite female, instead…..

          • no….not just lying….lying about saving a kids life…about as low a dirty rat liar as you can get. he’s gone.

            if you Dummies DARE to weather the fusillade of abuse that will follow him everywhere……be my guest.

            but he’s gone.


          • UCLA Bleauz

            Shaw would be the one weathering the abuse…..not us……they are his consequences to bear, not ours…..we’re not codependent like you, Buck Lick…..

          • it will DESTROY the team.

            So let it be Written,

            So let it be DONE!


        • Keep TRYING to change the subject, simple Simons (and Simones).

          If this is a phony story the Cadre will run this kid outta town.


          • TrojanFan3.0

            F the cadre. A bunch of tree house flames!

      • TrojanFan3.0


        Dementia is some nasty stuff. Embrace the 9 mm, it’s your best friend

  • UCLA Bleauz

    So is Scottie going to interview Shaw’s 7 year old nephew?

    • TrojanFan3.0

      The kid wants a burger from Five Guys before he will do the interview

    • Helen

      The kid has a restraining order on Scottie.

      • UCLA Bleauz

        Don’t we all………

    • Helen

      The kid has a restraining order on Scottie.

  • Medneggler

    Rumor going around that he was fleeing the scene of a crime in LA, not saving a kid in Palmdale.

    • UCLA Bleauz

      If true, then he’s not too bright……

      • Trogan Fan

        what do you expect from a Trogan?

    • sureshot32

      Maybe he wanted some of those handicapped placards ucla gives out so freely?

  • TrollKilla


    • TrojanFan3.0

      That’s the other problem

      • Ted

        the source is Sarkisian himself. He announced it at the press conference.

  • VB

    If he did indeed save his nephew, then props to him. He is a selfless hero. BUT, I find his story a little hard to believe. He was at a family event, yet there was NO ONE else down at the pool area that 1) saw the distressed young boy drowning, and 2) could have jumped in to save the young boy without Shaw having to jump from the second story onto the concrete to rescue him?

    Just seems a little unbelievable. However, as I said before, I give Shaw the benefit of the doubt since that is what he said happened, unless compelling evidence arises that contradicts his story.

  • john wolcott

    Why would you jump from two stories when you could get down almost as quickly via the stairs?

    And if this entire story is baloney, why embellish it by making yourself out to be a hero?

    • party_opponent

      I’m not saying I entirely believe his story but what makes you think the stairs would be as fast as jumping down? Are you familiar with the complex? Were there stairs nearby? Please let us know.

      • Trogan Fan

        LOL. You’re focusing on details of a story that’s 100% untrue.

        • party_opponent

          Shut up, Troll. No one asked you.

  • TrojanFamily

    Legitimate sources are also questioning the veracity if the story. It’s not just Scott. So it’s actually a real story now

  • JN

    Salute to Troy was over 8:30pm on Saturday night. He then drives out to Palmdale and a 7 year old is swimming at 10pm at night? I hope I am wrong.

  • Trogan Fan

    so twitter is abuzz with rumors that Josh was involved in a domestic violence incident and hurt himself jumping from a 3rd story window. If true, that’s quite a hero you have over at ol’ Yesterday U!

    • Dan Perez

      yesturday U really?! at least SC been to many bowl titles and plays thier games in a stadium across the street… Not like you guys who still has to drive miles from the westworst campus to Pasadena.. Could it be your pathethic public school will be renting for ages?! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

      Can you cay Uclap?!

      • nice try at changing the subject….what do you think this is, Fox News??

        • Why would Fox want to distract from Obama’s lighting the match and then fiddling as Rome burns?

  • UCLA Bleauz

    In non-Shaw related matters, DE George Uko and TE Xavier Grimble have both been released by their respective teams…..whoever convinced them to leave school early should have their head examined….

    • Trogan Fan

      now now, don’t try to change the subject.

      • TrojanFamily

        Yeah don’t talk football! Twitter Typo Trolls hate that!

  • Honeyman

    How is this a lie? He said it was two stories.

  • Helen

    “at least one source” is one source more than Scottie has access to.

  • Danny

    What if his story is true? At this point, with all the speculation, IMHO we take him at his word.

    2nd and 3rd hand rumors are not credible and I dare say no one on this board has real insight. If there is a lie, it will come out soon enough.

    Until then he’s a hero.

    Bruins, don’t rejoice at the mere prospect that someone might not have done a great humanitarian deed. Let’s wait and let the new facts (if there are any) come out. If it is indeed a false story, then any vitriol can be unleashed.

    This goes beyond football.

    • it’s not looking good, bubby.


      • Danny

        Perhaps. I am reminded of Richard Jewell, the guy who found the bombs at the Atlanta Olympics and by alerting the authorities, helped save lives.

        Then the media started accusing him of being the terrorist. He was later found to be the innocent, but by then his reputation was ruined.

        Give this a chance to air out through proper channels, rather than ruin a potential hero

  • Goatboy Kiffin

    let the comedy begin in the Steve Suckisian era