Josh Shaw Admits He Lied

USC announced this afternoon that cornerback Josh Shaw admitted he lied about rescuing his nephew from drowning.
“We are extremely disappointed in Josh,” said USC coach Steve Sarkisian. “He let us all down. As “I have said, nothing in his background led us to doubt him when he told us of his injuries, nor did anything after our initial vetting of his story.
“I appreciate that Josh has now admitted that he lied and has apologized. Although this type of behavior is out of character for Josh, it is unacceptable. Honesty and integrity must be at the center of our program. I believe Josh will learn from this. I hope that he will not be defined by this incident, and that the Trojan Family will accept his apology and support him.”
Shaw has been suspended from all team activities indefinitely.

36 thoughts on “Josh Shaw Admits He Lied

  1. dirty lying coward.

    made a fool out of himself, his school, his coach, his family, the Dummies on this blog.

    worse than getting a criminal record, he lost his honor, if he ever had any.

    what an utter disgrace.


    • If this were a UCLA Bruin, you’d being singing an entirely different tune……

      • i’d be harder on him if he were a Bruin. this is a grown up deception and lie that dragged his family into it, all to make him out as a hero.

        even for a trOXan, that’s low.


      • bleauz why bother posing a weak hypothetical. It was a SUCC grad, a SUCC FB Captain who gave SUCC a major black-eye, and further eroded SUCC’s: the University’s crumbling reputation.

        A UCLA grad would have worked from a better script.

        • It’s far from being a weak hypothetical. …then again, I forgot who my audience was…..he lied…..plain and simple. …

      • I agree. Seems like he tried to cover up something he did by making up a story to the coaches not expecting it to become a national story. This little lie got away from him. Hopefully whatever he was covering up was minor. The bigger story here isn’t the stunt/lie – it is what a microscope these guys are under. Ten years ago the story wouldn’t have blown up so fast if at all. Social media and the 24-hour news cycle must be hell on kids who would otherwise be anonymous.

        • Of course it would. Everyone appreciated a hero.

          Trojan AND Bruins alike were giving him kudos for his selfless bravery.

          Let’s not spin this for any more than what it is. Bad is bad. End of story.

          The only open question in my mind is what Sark is going to do. Will he extend the suspension past Josh’s “ready to play” date and make it a real punishment, or will he gloss it over.

          • With amount of media scrutiny that he will be facing, I sincerely doubt that Sark will “gloss it over”, but then again, there will be differing opinions on what a “real punishment” should be……some people, like the trolls, won’t be satisfied unless he’s suspended for the entire season…..

          • Until the whole story comes out, it is difficult to discuss what the level of suspension should be. What was he covering up? If he was simply covering up being stupid, that is one thing. If he is covering up something illegal, then that would be another. None of us know all the facts. It doesn’t look like anyone died here, so probably not that serious. And nobody was saved either.

        • Under microscope? What do you expect media to do on a story like this. It has nothing to do with him being a major college football player. In fact USC took this story as PR scoop and ran with it. It is one thing to cover up something with a lie, but to make yourself to be a hero who saved a life of a child, that’s just wrong.

      • A mistake is eating one too many chilidogs at Pinks. He brought disgrace to the Trojan Family.

  2. Very disappointing. Nothing worse than someone who falsely claims to be a hero.

    And let me guess…his suspension length will coincide with his injury. if his sprained ankles sidelines him for 2 weeks, his suspension will be…..2 weeks.

    • Josh Shaw’s suspension will coincide with number of losses sustained by the SUCC FB program. Sark/SUCC’s need to win FB games far outweighs the punishment of a weak, selfish, lying SUCC Hero. SUCC can’t sell PSL’s on a loser FB team. SUCC: the dubious University.

  3. Biggest non-story of the summer. Did he steal? Cheat on a test? Get money from boosters? No. He told a tall tale, like kids do. Did he take steroids? Hire an agent? No. He explained a way probably a drunken mistake with a lie. Is it wrong? OF course. Should it be news – sure. But the lead story on ESPN? Uh, no.

  4. Number one. Baby bruins, go away. This has NOTHING to do with the institution of USC. Go away TROLLS. Number two, go post on your own blog.

  5. This will be used by all TROLLS to further demonize USC. F those trolls. F them all. I’m tired of them on this site. WHY WON’T THEY POST ON THEIR OWN SITE?

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