Matt Leinart On Josh Shaw

Matt Leinart, who now works for Fox Sports 1, gave his opinion on Josh Shaw’s situation: “It is embarrassing because USC just came off a really, really bad few years with the sanctions. They kind of cleared their name, [athletic director] Pat Haden has run a tight ship and has done a great job. They’ve flown under the radar this year and now this happens a week before the first game and it’s embarrassing.”

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  • john wolcott

    Palestine-Israel and Ferguson, Missouri were much bigger news items and now they are yesterday’s news.

    This SC “calamity” is already in the rear view mirror, and just might work to help the team become more tight.

    One note: the usual SUCLA posters delighting in this news is rather amusing.

    • Jack B

      The little gutties will be all over this like a cheap suit for months, especially after they start losing games they were expected to win this season. I

      t is amusing to see their amazing delight. They act like it’s a major victory for them. You take ’em where you can get ’em at Bridesmaid U.

      • Bruins fans desperate for a Trojan fall?

        That’s quite a leap.

      • Trogan Fan

        Trogans fell years ago. Only people who don’t realize it are the clowns at clown college!

  • maybe Shaw could get a facelift…i hear it helps CHANGE your appearance!! but not always for the BETTER!!

    that Kenny Rogers had one bad face lift.


    • UCLA Bleauz

      At least Shaw HAS a face, you faceless coward……

      • Coward?? why i’ll have you know i jumped off a cliff and ran across 8 lanes of the 101fwy to pull three, no FOUR kids from a burning car!!

        ….on a side note, Bleaux, you sound ANGRY!! i think this trying to defend Shaw is taking a toll on you…how about you take a knee for a while?? it’ll still be here. i know I’M not going anywhere!!


    • Sally Cushing

      The best way to change YOUR appearance is to change your behavior.

  • Charlene Bucketts

    I love me some bruins. Their old moth eaten bear (or squirrel) costumes are a little on the creepy side.