Break Out Black Socks

USC players voted to wear black socks for home games starting tomorrow against Fresno State. The Trojans will wear white socks for road games.

UPDATED: The Christmas bulb helmets are not ready and probably will not be unveiled until the next home game.

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  • capital idea, Siete!! that should set things right!!


    • Rusty Buckets

      Way to break down the game, Scott. The football analysis before the first game of the year has been tremendous.

      • (crunch-crunch-munch)

        can’t talk


        five guys….lunch


        (yelling) i said LARGE FRIES!


        • Faux…….weak


          • 3 comments? you’re the Faux……be careful now…..remember what happened the LAST TIME!!

          • Trogan Fan

            Ruh roh

        • UCLA Bleauz

          Don’t forget the FREE peanuts!!!!

  • Buzz

    They will be easier to keep clean. is this a new change in the USC uniform?

    • party_opponent

      You must be new here.

      • Buzz

        Black and white TV

  • rusoviet

    What isn’t a matter of discussion is the beat down inflicted
    upon So. Carolina last night by TX A&M which also mirrored the same that was thrown at AL by Auburn last December – the “hurry-up offense”. The SEC teams that are in the Sabin mold are about to either revamp their entire defensive schemes and install new faster offense or bluntly go the way of the Big 10.

    All should be curious how Kiffin’s schemes work out based on
    his aversion towards the “hurry-up offense” now that he is the OC at AL. Sabin is currently not in favor of this new trend – it dure caught Spurrier by surprise last night – interesting to see how Swinney w. Clemson does against GA tomorrow evening.

    This is the year of the Pac-12 especially if FL St. goes down against OK St.

    • Trogan Fan

      And to think, you got Sark! Who needs Sumlin anyway! Clown College!

    • Mike 70

      Wow, a comment about football. Amazing. What a turd this blog has turned into Thanks for reminding us about what we are really interested in, FOOTBALL.

    • ProbationU

      I find it highly unlikely that FSU loses this year. They are loaded and play a fairly easy schedule. OSU is not what they were the last few years.

      • rusoviet

        No my friend Gundy is a shrewd playah’ – ‘if’ he takes down FL St. then mon frere….

        “I give you chaos!”

        I so hope for a perfect storm…all the SEC go down these critical first three weeks – mind you since those cowards have now have to play quality OOC’s they’re not ready for (save the Big 10) what the rest of Div. I college football has done in the past 4 years – moved ‘en toto’ to the up tempo offense…

        This is why it is critical to see how the other SEC’s (MO & TX A&M excepted) do in their OOC’s …Spurrier has shown he can’t change into a 21st Century coach he sure didn’t with the Washingtn DC Redskins and I know Sabin is honest in knowing he can’t either..

        All power to the soviets!

  • Toejam For Life

    The black socks are to mourn the Fall of Troy, the Clown School!

    • that “clown college” remark was a cheap shot!!

      no matter, though, NO ONE watches ESPN….


  • Toejam For Life

    The horse barns in front of the band are now being sponsored by Ringling Brothers!

  • Trogan Fan

    pretty racist to have black socks so soon after the slave confrontation.

    • drakejr

      Anthony Brown quit over a misunderstanding. Sark asked him if he wanted to pick cotton… socks.

  • UCLA Bleauz

    Are the upper ankles reinforced for proper support?

  • TrollKilla

    Sock Gate!

    • SW is a Hack

      Didn’t take long, did it?

  • TrojanFan3.0

    Why the hard on over the new helmets?

  • UCLA owns LA Football

    Huge SUCC tradition, voting on what socks to wear! LOL. Sark warms the jalopy up – kicks the tires, but the steering wheel is missing and Sark hasn’t collected enough return deposit bottles to afford gas.

  • What shade of blue

    I see USC is still living rent free in ruin fans brains.

    • ThaiMex

      Rent Free pretty much everywhere (ESPN, FOX, NBC, CBS, Sports Illustrated, USA Today, L.A. Times…ANY Metropolitan Newspaper, The W.W.W., Cable T.V., Comedy bits, )…Rent FREE!, Just like back when O.J. was doing his thing.
      BTW…there’s no such thing as RENT FREE. You ALWAYS end up paying!
      Fit Un U Stupid Clowns!

      • #buhhhhhhh-BAM!!!

      • What shade of blue

        But you and your fellow trolls are so possessed with them that’s is all you have in your pathetic lives.

        • ThaiMex

          according to your thought process….I suppose the National Media, The WWW, Cable T.V., and Comedians also have pathetic lives? Pour yourself another glass of Cool Aid young man!
          Fit Un U Stupid Clowns!

  • Arturo

    Players should have some say in what they wear….even if it is just socks.