• UCLA owns LA Football

    Looks like the cattle pen is full SUCC steers.

    • Mr. Bill

      Wow, that Sally chick really lit you up. Would you like some free advice to recover your manhood?

      • UCLA owns LA Football

        Gosh Willy where did that take place. I never been within 100 miles of a pig sty.

    • JJH4USC

      What is SUCC? You never answered the question. Also, you should change your name to UCLA barely owns Charlottesville Football (FYI – Charlottesville is the city in Virginia where the University of Virginia is located). PS – Congrats on sliding by a mediocre ACC team.

      • UCLA owns LA Football

        SUCC is an anagram for USC. and congratulations for rolling over Fresno St, a cupcake conf. team. Next week SUCC will travel to meet the Stanford team; a team that speaks little but carries large clubs.


    What does it mean, “UCLA owes LA Football?” Oh, I know, it means UCLA owes the fans better than what they’ve gotten in the past and certainly better than what they got today. You stunk up the place against Virginia, you were very, very lucky to get away with the win – of course it took 3 gift touchdowns to accomplish against a team that is not going anywhere. I hate USC, but I have to admit, watching the first half against Fresno State, they are a whole lot better than UCLA. Your team is as dead as its blog is and USC seems to be as alive as the chat in this litter box. Of course we’ll give ’em a conference loss for you next week and your welcome.

    • ThaiMex

      Sanford….congrats on the sugarrrry sweeeet victory over u.c. Davis earlier today. I guess San Fran Community College was already booked this weekend?
      fit un U Stupid clowns!

    • UCLA owns LA Football


      • B.Miller

        Ouch.. That must have hurt.

  • timtrojan

    A lot of UCLA honks not sleeping well tonight. To bad about you missing on Adoree, JuJU, and Dixon. Those are just the freshman that scored tonight. How many scores did your offense have today?

  • UCLA owns LA Football

    Here’s how it works, you SUCC. As long as you’re pointing out the obvious – UCLA 35 – SUCC 14 and 2 snapped ankles at the mausoleum. Because JJ, you’re so “Dyn-o-mite” I’m awarding you two sacks of Traveler’s road apples.

    • JJH4USC

      I wish I could blame your lack of understanding of an anagram on your fine UCLA education…but we all know that you probably didn’t go there. And if you want to live in the past… 50-0. šŸ™‚