USC Morning Buzz: Game Day!


It’s finally time for the season opener and my preview of the contest is here. Pac-12 Network analyst Rick Neuheisel likes USC to repeat its Las Vegas Bowl victory here.

Remember we will have a live chat going on during the game.

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  • john wolcott

    The season ended in December and for 8 solid months the yakkity-yaks have been going at it, SC vs SUCLA.

    What a waste of time, but now is the time to get serious

  • steveg

    The little guys can’t bite their nails and type at the same time so it gets quiet around here on game day.


      Their offense has sure looked powerful over the first 1 and a half quarters

  • wolfman, the Shaw story is just getting WARMED UP!!!

    last night channel 9 & 2 BOTH had stories about the LAPD ongoing investigation into DOMESTIC VIOLENCE by Shaw!!!

    AND, they BOTH cited the WOLFMAN’s blog!!! Channel 9 even showed a SCREEN SHOT of the blog page!!!

    Wolfman, as USUAL, you are the STRAW that STIRS the DRINK!!!!


    • steveg

      Slow news day is all. You not watching your game? Man, they look sorry.

      • This is a Southern Cal blog….geeeez you Dummies are TOTALLY OBSESSED with UCLA!!!

        • Jethro G Sabbath

          Says the guy who just put up comment #4336 on the USC site, this one while the UCLA opener is going on.

          • as a bruin, i can do two things at once!

            shouldn’t you be helping Josh Shaw get back on the team?? after all, YOU declared you always thought was a “high Character guy”

          • TrojanFamily

            Apparently one of those things is NOT talking with real friends while your alleged favorite team is playing


          • You so full of VENOM!!!

            Enjoy life!!!

            SOMEONE’S got pre-game jitters!!!


          • STANFORD44

            Is one of those things turning pages?

    • timtrojan

      Ok, you get a pass for hanging on this blog, but watching local news???????? I’m starting to think somebody needs to go outside.

      • I found out about those reports from a trOXan buddy who texted me….see I DO have friends!! AND I am about to go to a big B-Day party!!!

        But, I’ll still find a tv to watch FS shock the trOXans!!!!


    • TrojanFan3.0

      You need a good a^^ whipping

  • now the LAT is picking up on ANOTHER wolfman scoop!!!

    HOW did Shaw AFFORD a high powered celebrity attorney???

    This guy represents the likes of Rhiana and Snoop Lion….and now SHAW???

    El Siete drops the ball AGAIN!!!


    • TrojanFamily

      All while UCLA is playing.



      • your old lady is serving us beer…..does she count as a “friend”??


    • Rusty Buckets

      Speaking of siete, the bruins will be lucky to finish 7th in the conference this year.

    • STANFORD44

      I know you, you’re the idiot who thinks he appears smart when he types in Spanish. Heard of Google Translate? I know your blood type, you’re a 2 digit IQ Troll. Your lame team has a beating of a lifetime coming at home. I can hardly wait, already bought the tickets.


    I stopped by both the Wolf and Wang blogs these past couple of weeks. His blog is a cemetery and this one is a litter box. Half the cats in this litter box are Bruin Trolls, what’s up with that? It’s like a buy one get one free for me, I can get two birds with one stone when I post here. We’re going to crush you twice. Once next week and again in December in the PAC12 championship game. We’ll do the same to the Bruins when we storm your place at the end of November Who was that chick posting on this blog with the insider friends who were talking about UCLA being flat for their opener? It took 3 gifts for your junior varsity to survive. Not likely a QB who can’t hang on to the ball will win a Heisman trophy. I’m looking forward to watching Fresno kick you around today.

    • Rusty Buckets

      How many titles has Stanford won during this magical run? Please remind me.

      • STANFORD44

        Please identify your blood type, are you a fan or a troll on this blog? The answer to your question will be customized to accommodate the errors in your DNA code and your two digit IQ.

        • Rusty Buckets

          Let me help. The answer is ZERO.

        • Rusty Buckets

          I hope you enjoyed watching Fresno doing some kicking around today. You’re left with no credibility after that type of prediction.

  • Golden Trojan

    SC should win comfortably. The question is how long will Sark push the offense? If they are not running quick and smooth he may keep the 1st team out there awhile. That will be fun for points on the board but he risks injury and wearing guys out. Anybody actually want to talk football?