Lower The Volume

If you were at the Coliseum yesterday, it seemed like the sound system got turned up higher than ever. Whether it was the ads, the music or the pre-game show, everything was loud. Even the band seems louder with all those speakers facing the crowd.

The worst part is when the music gets blasted right before the other team snaps the ball. It ruins the natural atmosphere from being at a college football game.

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  • Clown College=Loud and Obnoxious

    Angels did this for a while before toning it down because everyone hated it. leave it to the moribund Mausoleum to try these childish noise blasting antics.


    • TrojanFamily

      You are just like your boy Wolf

      you old people need to say it in unison:

      “Turn down that loud music!!”

      Then you can add a “Get off my lawn!!”

      • Flagged for ageism.


      • sweetmumblebunny .

        get off of my sweet, fully-green lawn!!!! no brown strips.

  • Brad Hutchings

    Gangnam Style was loud on TV too. I agree with you. It’s just not the natural atmosphere of The Coliseum.

    • SoCal_Native_59

      It was great at the game. The band sounded great.

  • sweetmumblebunny .

    ahhhhhhh noise!!!! at a football game of all places!!! i was right with you, Mr. Wolf. i arrived in my Pontiac Safari station wagon, quietly walked to the game, shhhhhhh-ing all of those Cavorting Idiots in the parking lot and sat down with a book: Dealing with People You Can’t Stand, the bestselling book by Dr. Rick Brinkman and Dr. Rick Kirschner. then, all of the sudden, people started screaming and music started playing!!!!

  • sweetmumblebunny .

    so, i complained to the Usher, which i am sure you did as well. he tried to tell me that this noise was allowed!!! at a football game!! i was like…nahhh…and he was like…yahhhhh…i was like….what???…he was like…totally.

  • sweetmumblebunny .

    oh so i just asked my friend who went with me…apparently i actually complained to Usher — the R&B singer/star. so, i complained to the wrong person. but the point is — there was too much noise. so i got fully mad and whatever and went down to the field and tried to tell the ref to quiet everything down. he told on me. next thing i knew, i was running on the field toward that batch of Cavorting Idiots, sitting in the field box. they were making the most noise.

  • sweetmumblebunny .

    as i was running toward them, i noticed something sticky on my foot. you are not going to believe this, Mr. Wolf, yup…that’s right…green paint on my brand new, white Zips. totally green. they painted the field. i think. or i stepped on a frog. the point is…it was noisy and green painted and Cavorting…i about lost my mind.

  • sweetmumblebunny .

    oh, and i lost my book. imagine losing YOUR book at a college football game. what was there to do…..like watch the game??? noooooo way. it was far too loud to watch a football game. and that music…i mean come on!!!

  • sweetmumblebunny .

    so anyway, i ran up to where they were playing that loud music…i believe it’s called the VJ stand…or KJ (you know i love to Karoake). anywhooooo, i ran up there with my Sony DiscMan and tried to plug in more appropriate music for a football game: Bach: Christmas Oratorio (all 6 cantatas). and they were like…nahhhhh…and i was like…Baaaach…and they were like….Dreeeeee.

  • john wolcott

    And music is individual taste– what rhapsodizes one person will infuriate another. If you have to play it, turn it down. At least at a college game you sometimes get traditional fight songs, whereas at a pro event we are force-fed “modern” music.

    And, please, SC band, can we wait until touchdowns before we let out another ‘Fight on’ blast or whatever?

  • sweetmumblebunny .

    who would allow such noise at a college football game??? whooo???? I know. the same people who would paint a strip of grass and…by the way, you know why i wanted them to play the Christmas Oratorio….you know why?? that’s right… the Christmas Bulb helmets…that would show them who is….what was i saying?? ohhh the noise!!!!!!

  • sweetmumblebunny .

    I demand quiet at my sporting events!!!! damn it. shhhhhhhhhhhhhh. shut the Cavorting Idiots up. shut up the brown painters. shut UPPPPPP! i was like at a game or whatever….at it was soooo nice and quiet. Mr. Wolf, come with me to watch a Tampa Bay Rays game. it’s soooooo nice and shhhhhh-ey. delicious.

  • sweetmumblebunny .

    i just wrote a letter to Mr. Haden. why are people allowed to be so gosh dang noisy at a football game and must be respectful at golf? hmmmm. good question, right??? huh???? shhhhhhhhhhhhh

  • sweetmumblebunny .

    imagine me now. k. at my trailer. watching the Dodgers game. annnndddddd..that’s right…no volume. muted. the way it should be. there is some Vin guy who keeps nattering on. really really loudly (when i have it turned up loudly). wait. volume control. huh? hold on. be right back.

  • sweetmumblebunny .

    k. apparently, there is a 5 on the volume. i always have it turned up….to 11.

  • sweetmumblebunny .

    heyyyyyyy does that mean there is a volume control at the Coli??? there is paint. that we do know. and Cavorting Helmets of Bulb….my head is hurting. what were we talking about??? Japanese Ladies searching for love….hmmmm…grasssssssss….noise…..helmets……delicious.

  • sweetmumblebunny .

    my new band name: Cavorting Helmets of Bulb. debut album: Paint my Brown Strip a Loud Shade of Green.

    • Larry Harris

      Wasscally Wabbit…

      Your 12 posts below before coming up for air, sets a new standard for drivel on this site. Your obsession with meaningless blather and patting yourself on the back
      is more than tawdry. Be careful, or you will have to be seeing a surgeon to repair your torn rotator cuff. Shoulder imobilization alone usually lasts a month.


  • UCLA Bleauz

    BTW….how were the cavorting, drunk donors yesterday? Were they well behaved?

  • TrojanFan3.0


    How much longer do with have to deal with you?

  • B.Miller

    Nah I doubt it.. but thanks for you thoughts.. Atmosphere appeared to be live and fun in the coli Saturday..