Sunday Night With Sarkisian

Steve Sarkisian spoke to the media tonight and said offensive lineman Aundrey Walker did not play against Fresno State because Walker did not feel like he was ready to go. It obviously seems like Walker’s not exactly transitioning well in addition to recovering from last year’s fractured ankle.

Regarding Adoree Jackson, Sarkisian said the high-profile freshman played 13 snaps on offense and he would like to see him play 15-20 plays in games moving forward. As expected, walk-on Teddy Baker is switching to tight end. Sarkisian said he would consider moving other players to tight end.

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  • tostevinUSC

    Walker must not feel he’s ready to return or college football isn’t what he thought it would be. Either way someone needs to point out his opportunity to show off for the NFL scouts is slipping away.

    • Independent_George

      He’ll be drafted. 6’6″ and 300 pounds and can move means he will be drafted. it will be low, but many teams will through a fifth or sixth round pick at him. And it seems that Walker is fine with that.

      • UCLA Bleauz

        Walker definitely has the physical gifts, but then again so did Tony Mandarich….we’ll see how he does at the USC Pro Day, since there’s no way he’s going to be invited to the NFL combine….

  • interesting how SIete subtly implies that it’s WALKER who does not WANT to play. we are obviously meant to infer the Dr’s have cleared him, but he is malingering for some queer reason. is this about the kid not wanting to get shot up with Toradol???

    way to stick it to the kid in the press again, Siete! so far you’ve thrown Cravens, Walker and Brown under the bus…..oh but you really stuck up for Josh Shaw (when you though it made you and the school look good).


    • BearBryant3

      Walker is someone I’ve notice from last year that just haven’t the heart for football. No hustle or instinct to play only size and speed. I think they should let him go and figure out if he really wants to play ball. I’m sure there have been some ucla guys in the past that had the same look.

      • Yeah I’ll buy that. You have to love the sport to slam into people six times a week. So maybe he doesn’t have the desire. But I still don’t like a college coach using the press to embarrass a kid coming off a severe injury. I wouldn’t like Mora doing it either.

    • STANFORD44

      You made a mistake, thought is the correct word. I confess I make mistakes too. English is not my first language and my personal assistants do not proof read my personal correspondence. Perhaps your personal assistants do not proof read your correspondence either, what with all of the other patients that also require their attention.

      • Hey Mr Wizard, I make mistakes typing cause I think fast act fast and type fast….but one thing I NEVER do is call other people DUMB!!


      • Larry Harris

        Very impressive!
        My first encounter with someone whose
        first language is Pig-Latin other than a little kid.

        Perhaps we can do lunch sometime. I’ll have my personal assistants contact your personal assistants to set up a time and place. The things I can tell you about Mr. Bucket will make your hair curl. Until that time, lay off the picayune gramatical attacks. Charlie may not be an angel, but he is OUR no angel.

  • B.Miller