• ugh, the self-adolation of the trOXans in these photos is offensive.

    you’d expect a little more “We’ve Been There Before” from a “big time” program. this is a down Fetilizer State U team!

    at least Cody looks embarrassed to be up on a ladder waving a sword as though he just conquered Achilies and the Greeks!!


    • Mr. Bill

      May I assist you?

      • thank god, you’re wife never showed up today and my Depends are COMPLETELY saturated.

        they’re in the linen closet.


    • B.Miller

      kind of like that 50-0

  • Pasadena Trojan

    Hey Chuck the bucket, how are those nati0nal champion ruins along with the heisman winner hundley doing? I am sure they were all smiles after the awesome and outstanding performance on offense. BTW, FSU is a better team than Virigina. Now du your ate clap.l