USC Coach Steve Sarkisian On WR Victor Blackwell

I asked USC coach Steve Sarkisian about wide receiver Victor Blackwell leaving the football program last week.

“He’s trying to decide personally what to do,” Sarkisian said. “He’s frustrated with his playing time and we’re a little frustrated with his commitment to the program.”

50 thoughts on “USC Coach Steve Sarkisian On WR Victor Blackwell

  1. He’s a wide receiver, and no doubt frustrated with Goat Boy 2’s play calling of “run up the middle” all the flippin’ time.

  2. No win situation… Player wants on the field, coach isn’t ready to put him out there. Player is unhappy and coach wants commitment instead.

    • Nailed it. No winning. A bit curious that Sark would call him out in the media. Probably best–for him and the kid–to just say, “He’s weighing his options, and if he decides he wants to remain a Trojan, we look forward to him pursuing that goal with his full passion.”

      • Why not call out a player on scholarship who doesn’t seem committed and suddenly quits because he doesn’t like his playing time? Maybe Sark should award him a trophy and beg him to return publicly? Sark screwed up the BC game bad. Glad he’s put Blackwell in a position to fish or cut bait. Kid needs to decide.

        • Getting him to fish or cut bait makes sense. Doing it publicly shows Sark’s frustration more than any real strategy in getting Blackwell to perform…IMHO.

          • Blackwell was obviously not performing well, nor was he committed before he quit. For all we know, Sark doesn’t even care if he sticks it out. He’s a long time back up who has been easily surpassed by younger players. Bridesmaid Uers want to go nuts over Sark questioning a player’s commitment publicly. I don’t have a problem with it. But then again, I don’t need to hang out on little gutty boards either, criticizing or second guessing Mora and little gutties all day long.

          • Blackwell embarrassed himself publicly by not being committed and quitting. Sooner he realizes that the better.

  3. big shocker…..Siete SLAMS the kid calling him a slacker. maybe he’s a “#-ing coward” like he called Anthony Brown??

    way to torpedo interest from other schools, Siete.

    couldn’t just say he’s deciding what to do and leave it that could you, Siete???


    • Do you think that if you didn’t get all up in arms about every single trivial matter that comes up regarding USC athletics, people might find you a bit more believable?

      • Jethro, certainly you jest, my man.

        I mean, the Ugly Bucket talks about Wolfie as if he is a Pulitzer Prize candidate. so ‘believablity’ is Ugly’s middle name

          • Oh…but I suppose it’s o.k. to spend time examining “The Time” at which people post….then going ahead and POSTING comments about the time of posts, without having any concern about the subject matter of the post?
            Now that’s Entertaining!
            fit Un Knuckleheads!

      • i see you have now posted this same comment four times. you only had to post it once.

        your question is rather flawed because it makes the incorrect assumption i care about what trOXans think about my posts. quite honestly, i care not a whit whether trOXans find me believable, dumb, crazy, funny or unfunny.

        i am playing chess against myself here, enjoying the wolfman’s insight and wit and making the occasional comment for the edification of my Cadre brothers.

        so i reckon i will continue to sit here and play with myself until i find a better beat reporter to read.


    • Come on kiddo, you have to stand in line with the other SUCLA vermin on this blog, and if that is the best put-down you’ve got, then you have no career here.

  4. Someone should give Sark a class in tact. How about ” Victor is mulling over his future, we’ll help him with whatever he decides to do but we hope he remains a Trojan. “

  5. I recall my time at SC when players complained about playing time under John McKay (a little jerk in my book, but obviously a fine coach).

    Fact is there is LITTLE difference between players except for the occasional great footballer. I would say a lot of guys are in the 90 percentile in relationship to the starting players, so it is understandable that fellows think they should be starting, and if not, they get angry.

  6. Maybe if Lame Kiffin had recruited more linemen instead of 49 wide receivers, USC wouldn’t have this problem.

  7. And I thought Kiffin was running a zoo…
    Seriously, all the beat writers were telling us what a great spring and fall camp, Victor was having. If so, why wasn’t he thrown a bone, give a few plays. All things being equal, he’s been here a few years, so reward him with some game time.
    I have very little confidence in Sark’s roster management amongst
    the other flaws he’s shown the last 2 games.
    It’s beginning to look like a long season.
    I believe Coach O and Clancy Pendergast are available..

  8. Could you imagine if Slow:pe-S,P:ic was a player on my team? #raceriots…

  9. Earn it.. Kids think things are just going to come to them because they have been on the team the longest.. you have to earn that spot and keep it..

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