Player Spotlight: Mike Rae

RAEIn a return to our earlier series, let’s talk about the quarterback of what many consider the greatest team in college football histor, Mike Rae.

I’m spotlighting Rae because this week, USC noted Pat Haden threw seven touchdown passes in 1972, the same number as Cody Kessler threw last Saturday. But Rae was the starting quarterback on that team.

Rae passed for 1,754 yards with 114 completions in 199 attempts. He also rushed for 247 yards. And of course, he had a backfield of Anthony Davis, Rod McNeil and Sam Cunningham with him.

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  1. I believe USC was a real tailback U in those days, so even though they had good passers they rarely passed.

  2. Rae was a tough, low-key, longshoreman-type guy who was well respected by team-mates because he was pretty damned athletic and a strong leader who never got rattled. He had kind of a cocksure presence about him and he seemed perfectly fine taking a back seat to other more dominant names on that great ’72 team.

      • Hey ugly rents the rose bowl, if you knew anything, you would know he won a Super Bowl with the Raiders in1976 and two colliegete national championships with USC. We know for a fact that ugly does not have a qb that has won both, the college national championship and a super bowl.

        Ugly= inferiority to USC in acedemics and athletics

        • They’re loathed to admit it but having an 80 yd. practice field and being >20 miles from your home stadium are not enticements to create champions from – allowing their student body to vote down a stadium in 1966

          is the all time mistake of their program.

          • I just laugh at ucla football. They practice on
            a 80 yard field. Then their home stadium is 34 miles from Pasadena. You have ot be desperate to play for a team that has to go over the 405 fwy and then on the 101 and then on the 134 and then onto the 210 fwy. What a joke. It is closer for USC to play an away game at the Rose Bowl compared to the home team traveling 34 miles one way to play.

            Ugly = inferior to USC

          • The Rose Bowl, home to “UCLA owns LA Football,” was voted the best college FB venue in the nation. There’re 24 other FB venue listed, none of them SUCC’s crumbling, rodent filled Mausoleum.

          • Loath or loathe Otis, make up your alcoholic mind.

            How did SUCC’s 100 yd practice field help in SUCC’s ugly, humiliating Boston Massacre loss; or the glorious “Unfinished Bidness” season”

            SUCCdumb has so little to celebrate that a 100 yd. practice field is a SUCCster reason to stampede to the mausoleum field.

          • They are still trying to figure out how the UCLA kick returner, Adams, had a 100 yard touchdown….while the BRUINS practice on a 80 yard field.
            you great big dummies….
            Fit Un!

        • Actually PSUCC, UCLA came close with Bill Kilmer, who started the 1973 SB against Miami and lost 14 – 7.

          Mr. Rae, Raider roadkill, rode the Raider bench during his entire SB game. I guess you could say Rae was a third string, bench warming, B/Up Raider QB that wears the lighter noncombatant, didn’t contribute a thing, Super Bowl ring.

          Yeah! for the insecure clowns of SUCCdumb.

          • Maybe in the WFL Otis, because Pat’s career with Rams was injury riddled.

            Haden’s best Ram game was a close win vs Steeler’s. Then he got hurt, again, forcing the Rams to start Vince Ferragamo (spelling?) in the SB.

            The Rams were still in the game until Ferragamo unloaded in the 4th Qtr. and hit Jack Lambert right in the numbers

            I will say this, had Haden been healthy, he might have beat the Steeler’s, because he had a herky, jerky center cadence that confounded the Steeler’s defense.

          • haden broke his hand against seattle that year. it was lining up to be his best year ever before that injury. vince came in and did his job. he beat dallas on the road with a strike to bill waddy, then beat tampa 9-0 in the nfc title game. haden wasn’t bad, but no way was he better than james harris

  3. Mr. Rae: Super Bowl winner, NEVER lost to Notre Dame, his caddy is now the USC Athletic Director, MVP of the Greatest Team in college football history, should have been 1973 Rose Bowl MVP, one of the few to win the National Championship and the Super Bowl, Best instructor at Long Beach City College

  4. Analyzing those stats more closely, I believe there were only 10 games played back then, so on a predominately running team he averaged 170 yards and nearly 17 yards a completion per game. No wonder SC was never challenged that year.

  5. Papadakis decided to share that PC is allegedly a ‘truther’ on 9/11. This was this afternoon around 4:00 pm on his show – his sidekick was happy with glee.

    It all sounds great when one is on a roll as Petros is – smooth career ride to the top…being more powerful than your own father who comes on to bore every Friday afternoon for 20 minutes – blah blah blah. Problem is the years go by and what all these sports jocks fail to realize is the ones they rip not only don’t they forget neither do an assortment of others.

    Waiting to hear about all the ucla info he’s collected but no – today @ 4:15 pm instead we have once again (right or wrong) Petros shivving Troy.

  6. Hey. That’s not the uniform. Tradition tradition tradition… Wah wah wah. You honks are so full of yourselves.

  7. He always got the job done…one of the under appreciated ,but not by me,enjoyed watching him.

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