5 thoughts on “Live chat: USC-UCLA pregame 2 p.m. Friday with Scott Wolf and Jack Wang

  1. any chance the Sark era lasts less than 3 years? If trojan fans want the Sark era over ASAP, should they be OK with a USC loss here?

    • Sark era lasting less than 3 years?…..Very doubtful.

      OK with an SC loss to end Sark era ASAP?…..NEVER!!!!!

  2. All you need to know is that Sarkiffian is nothing but Goat Boy 2.0
    He’s a little more comfortable in front of the camera….but you can tell he’s LYING every time he opens his mouth. Next stop for The armenian comedian….The Used car lot @ Felix chevrolet!
    fite Un So So Cal!

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