19 thoughts on “Photos: UCLA beats USC, 38-20

  1. Whuuuuuut? I thought that game was next week? Shucks. I guess I’ll have to wait another year to watch it.

  2. I don’t agree with Wolf’s “expert” analysis that SC gave up in the second half. SUCLA had a nice lead at halftime and all the momentum, they received the ball to begin the second half and they got a score, and then another score, and before you knew it it was game over at 38-14. I did not see the SC boys not trying

    What I did see at the game was an unbelievable “coverage” job performed by the SUCLAs on the Trojans’ receivers….I saw our defense slowed a full count on every play as Hundley deftly faked a handoff or gave it to Perkins…I saw in the second half how SUCLA could tee off on Kessler, knowing he had to throw.

    At least this game could not be packaged as a “we shoulda won” as were the ASU and Utah games. SC got soundly beat. That was the best I have ever seen SUCLA look in an SC game.

    Now, what about the future SUCLA-SC battles? Fortunately, Hundley will be gone, so that is a very big difference maker. Kessler will be a senior and SUCLA will undoubtedly go with a freshman quarterback. That usually spells a victory for the veteran quarterback team

    We shall see. But marks my words, SC will be back, although this SUCLA mountain at present looks very formidable.

    • SUCC, the Swaggy D of Pac – 12 football. FYI Jersey, I believe K will be a RS Jr. next year, but no guarantee he will be the QB next year, unless Sark changes SUCC’s offensive direction. K is strictly an I formation, drop back QB. So is Max Browne and the incoming R. Town.

    • Go back to bed! S.O.S….”we’re gonna get them bruins next year” That’s just plain poppycock!
      Those special admits continue to be special. Three years straight you knuckleheads got slapped around. This year was your best chance to win the division because no Oregon and Washington on the schedule. Don’t fret….Women’s Crew is just around the corner.
      Clowns from a Clown School…

    • Two things jumped out at me, John: Sark doesn’t know how to use the pieces on his chess board. Of course it hurts to be hampered by sanctions, but SC’s best players match up against UCLA’s, yet there was no question which team was better prepared and better coached. Second, UCLA is playing its best football in 15 years.

      • “Sark doesn’t know how to use the pieces on his chess board.”

        You certainly have cut to the heart of this season better than any verbiage on this, or any other site for that mater.
        As an aside, thank you for being so objective and respectful on “Inside USC”.

    • John,agree generally with what you say. However for me the way we played was summed up with Nelson’s dropped ball.The staff and players a like dropped control of game from that point on…The O line was in shambles, most all the players looked uninspired, no gutes… No leadership from players or coaches… At one point Williams has defense on side looking to rally.. They go on field. First play he gets flagged 15 yards. No leadership from anyone.!!! We may not have given up, but we sure stepped aside and let UCla have their way.So what happens now?Changes are needed on staff and on field. Who will step forward for last game and bowl? And how does staff mix up change in off season to bring the leadership to coaching? Lastly after 3 poor games does Allen stay? Nelson A? .we have the players ..who will lead them ?

  3. How about a picture of the Socal sidelines that had almost as many players dressed as UCLA! Was that another one of the fundraisers? Dress in a losers’ uniform for 10k!

  4. Funny how the southern cal fans tailgating next to us took off their 50-0 hats after the game! LOL. Keep wearing those stupid hats!

    • 50-0 is a sweet memory for us at SC. Unfortunately, it seems to burn inside Bruin football that calls out for revenge, giving them some extra juice for this game.

      • I have a feeling it’s going to be the only memory of southern cal beating UCLA for awhile šŸ™‚

        • 50-0 forced Guerrero’s hand to fire Neuheisel and bring in a competent coach. What will force Nikias hand to fior Haden?

      • Exactly. As long as USC fans keep reminding UCLA about the 50-0 debacle, the team is going to be fired up and will play angry. Stop living in the past and just put together a team that can at least keep up with UCLA.

  5. Hopefully the first thing Sark did when he had a moment alone was call Will Muschamp. And if he didn’t do it yet, do it now!

    • Ooh, good call, like Kiffin, not so good HC but a great coordinator. Muschamp on Defense with Ed O as an assistant.

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