• Fred Sampson

    Sometimes you have to look out for yourself, because if there are players in the same class as you, and they are starting in front of you, then it’s time to go. Coaches like to use the term “compete”, because they are concerned about their depth,not the player. So players need to see through that nonsense and do whats best for them. This reminds me of former Trojan football player Brice Butler, who got tired of Pete Carroll and Steve Sarkisian compete nonsense and just transferred to San Diego State, and he ended up getting drafted by the Raiders. Well that would never have happened if he listened to that silly compete stuff from the coaches, because they are not always right.

    • Wolftardian Like You

      Emmanuel Moody had no better chance to make it in the NFL at Florida than he did at SC which produces the most NFL talent, and players come to compete because they can be among the best – Matt Cassell, Max Brown, Clay Matthews, Malcolm Smith are all second stringers that can make it regardless of actual playing time. If they really want to do something for themselves, they should remain Trojans.