85 thoughts on “Photos: First day of USC spring football 2015

  1. I’d like to see a picture of Scott actually attending practice…..from start to finish!

    • I’d like to see a picture you Garry Bleauz running a lap around Cromwell Field….from start to finish!

  2. What about Dixon, Wolf??? Word on the street is that your report of him being dismissed is bogus – so who is your “source?” Time to man up

  3. When I was coach reporters actually attended practice and ask the coaches questions. I guess Mr Wolf finds more value in scouring this thing called the internet for obscure USC stories. The true value of the man is found in a good face to face conversation, not locked in a basement staring at a screen.

  4. I just went on BleacherReport and saw Bryce Dixon was dismissed from the team but when I tried to access the article , it sent me to Inside SC. Does anyone have any info? Maybe Scott was right.

  5. Spring football is in the air. Can’t wait till September.


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