12 thoughts on “Photos: Day 2 of USC spring football practice

      • This dude should be worried about making the NCAA tournament…. I guess winning the crosstown season series is good enough for him… a lifetime achievement, even……

        • To worry about things beyond your control is so typically stupid of a “Brain Surgeon”
          Better to keep your mouth closed so the fly’s don’t go in….
          figt on!

      • True, It doesn’t take much talent to beat SC basketball but he can talk since he has lost only once to SoCal in 4 years.

    • What make a person troll a rival blog? Does mummy not show her little boi enough luv? If you’re not 11 you’re a pathetic loser.

      • No I’m not 11 and I am a pathetic loser for even answering your post, but it’s funny to hear that question from someone that uses a cartoon of an 11 year old boy taking a leak as their icon.
        We do own LA. SoCal has yet to beat UCLA in ANY men’s sport this season. That’s ownership.

      • The little gutty Trolls, with the exception of Proby and Encinitas, all have major personality disabilities, and in some cases disorders, to find the time to spew their hatred and misguided need to prove their worth over here. Best ignore them. Pity them if you must.

  1. Almost every name in the slideshow is incorrect. This is what happens when you are a terrible journalist and care more about being a trick rather than supplying good content. Scott should be fired.

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