USC Picture Of The Day


Here’s a picture of new USC wide receiver Isaac Whitney from today’s practice at Cromwell Field. Photo by John McCoy/Los Angeles Daily News

13 thoughts on “USC Picture Of The Day

  1. With Dixon’s status uncertain now, this guy looks like he is big enough for the tight end position.

    • Oh really? Whitney is listed as 6’3″ 198 lbs. Perfect build for a tight end….In High School…O’ye Kimosabe….you sound like you took a few too many Chancla’s to the head…
      figt On Pendejo’s!

      • Your act is really old. Go post on the UGLY board. Oh wait, nobody is there!

        • Rey rey is just one of your typical RAH RAH’s…everything about South Central is ALWAYS full of Sunshine Pumping compliments…Heck…if That Horse took a dump in the middle of campus…Reyrey would no doubt compliment the horse on ‘that fine pile” of dung!
          figt on rey rey…

          • I was making a comment on a player, not a comment directed at you. But you and your type pollute this USC board, and don’t bring anything of value. Your level of hate towards USC is unbelievable. That’s fine with me, you are the one who has to live with it.

          • Ray, think of it this way: tossing personal attacks on the readers of this blog makes the trolls feel empowered, something they are missing from their everyday life. So there is some value there… in a perverted way.

          • The Rachel Maddow of Inside USC feels empowered by her constant stream of whining, something she is missing from her everyday meaningless life of drudgery.

  2. USC defeated Vanderbilt 6 – 5 today team is now 14 – 1 with UCLA tomorrow

    • I watched the whole game. Answer the door bell and missed the HR. Pretty cool win though.

      • Man we’re ranked # 23 before this weekend – to take down two top ten teams (TCU # 2 and Vanderbilt # 5) is remarkable!

        UCLA tomorrow (# 6)

        Fight on!

  3. Is that a new way to write the #8 on Whitney’s jersey? Maybe Farmer can come back now that Sark didn’t give away his number.

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